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I have tried several different needles for applique, but I always go back to a quilting needle. I usually use a size 9 or 11. I like the piecemaker needles for hand quilting and applique. A friend suggested I use a straw needle---darn those things are long. I couldn't keep my thumb out of the way--kept stabbing fingers on my left hand. If you use applique needles, what size do you like?

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I just found a wonderful applique needle that I love to use. They are Hiroshima Needles and they are just lovely!! I bought them from Minick & Simpson they carry them but my Local quilt show Logcabin Yardage will also order them for me. I loved Piecemaker needles but am finding less and less stores carrying them. I am very happy with these applique and quilting needles, they also have Milner needles too...

The size that I am currently using is a 10 and they have been perfect. I hope you have a chance to try these I am so impressed that I think I have finally been able to let go of the piecemaker needles. I will use the supply I have for sure, I kept buying when they where on sale at the stores.

Is that a new brand of needles Deb?  I will have to see if I can find them. 

Yes, I found them on Minick and Simpsons blog they posted about them and they have an online shopping site. Janet they are wonderful. I am actually enjoying my hand quilting! and applique is just so smooth

I will check to see if any of my LQS will carry these.  I used to use the Piecemaker brand, but have not done that since their leader wrote an awful letter about the 9/11 attacks in their newsletter where he said the Americans got exactly what they deserved.  They are a religious "cult" for lack of another word and they are always fighting "City Hall". 


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