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Comment by Janice Aitkens 36 minutes ago

Good Morning

Hope you are well

I am not very happy as i had a call yesterday

about the medals i put in to the auction

they are saying that 1 has been re-engraved

the talk is about refunding as the buyer

sent them back so not sure what gets me

is that i took these in March & it took them

ages as their specialist was going to value them

they should have gone in May's auction but it was

June it did sell for nearly 3 time top estimate

well that good for me but not my fault I got these

about 15 years ago i bought them from a sort of

market stall but a permanent one so i guess you

could call it a booth i got them as they was the

same as what my Granddad had so as i didn't

have his i had these on display but as we want

to get rid of stuff i sold them i got the cheque

July 18th & it cleared a week later which was the

25th so it took from the sale on 20th June

to now for it to be queried so don't know what

will happen i spent half the money on my

sewing cabinet so win FQs one day & have

this the next day just how my luck goes lol

I am enjoying the book i am reading

i am hoping that no other problems

will arise my Friend Pat will not be

over this Friday or next so not too much

sewing will be going on i hope the books

i still have to come will be better than the one

that came yesterday as Thimbleberries

Autumn Accent turns out to be just a book

of photos & even then not giving ideas as

such & certainly not for me here in the UK

well sorry for the moaning i try to

be happier lol

Have a Blessed Day

Hugs Janice

Comment by Janice Aitkens 1 hour ago

The LQS to me is very expensive i said a week or so ago when me & my friend went there was a pack of 40FQs but they wanted around £140 which means £14 a yard which is i guess around $21-25 in your money

There never is a shop that does what i call a really good sale & to get basic colours such as WoW or CoC ect well you pay top end for those & they are hardly ever on sale that why i tend to get from the internet

Hugs Janice

Comment by Catherine M. Tullos 11 hours ago

I have noticed that some of the Connecting Threads fabrics have changed.  I did place an order a few months ago and could not use the fabric for it's intention.  It was entirely too thin.  I have had very good luck with other fabrics though and I continue to order those when needed.  I like to buy several yards that I can use for backing.  One time I was able to get a good quality fabric that I used for backing and only paid 2.96/yd.  You can't beat that!

About to head home for the day, so signing off for the day. No internet at home, so the saga continues tomorrow.

Good night, good folks!!

Comment by Bethany/from CT 11 hours ago

Wow! What a busy chit chat day!  Fun getting caught up.  Need to go make dinner now but thought I'd pop on. 

Catherine I enjoyed your story about your mother's quilt.  How touching and sad and happy all together.  I hope to get over to your page and check out all your pics!

Janice!! I can't believe those people would do that.  Sounds to me like they are in a financial jam and want you to accommodate them.  I don't think I would.  I hope it all works out for you.  They have waited too long (in my humble but open opinion) to make a decision now after all this time.  They should have thought it through before hand.  Ok, stepping down off of my own soapbox here.

We don't have any local quilt shops here either.  I usually order off the web.  Connecting Threads has been ok.  Seems like I've had more trouble with their fabric recently.  What I don't like is that they discontinue their fabrics so quickly that it makes it annoying if you don't get to your project right away. Chances are they won't have your fabric anymore after two or three months...some sell out really fast!  Oh well.  I like Thousands of Bolts as well.  I surf and look for the best prices/colors etc for what I'm doing and then order what I need from where I think the best prices are.  It's nice to find different places. 

Ok, off to start dinner....

Comment by Catherine M. Tullos 12 hours ago

Funny!!  I sewed almost a complete edge of binding one time with no bobbin.  It had ran out about an 1" or 2" after starting....frustrating.  We have to laugh to keep from crying.

Comment by Carol B of ET 12 hours ago

Wondering if any of you have ever done the following:

While listening to my music with headphones (husband in same room listening to a tape book), I was chain sewing my blocks, cruizing right along, when all of a sudden I noticed I was out of bobbin thread!  Followed back to where it ran out, and (thought) I had sewn about 8 blocks, which fell off the strip.  :(  I laughed at myself.  I have reloaded the bobbin and sewn on one block.  I decided to take a break.  I had been at it for 3 hours almost nonstop.  

Please, everyone laugh.  I did and I won't have hurt feelings.  I was so into what I was doing and my music, nothing else in the world was happening.  It was just me, sewing, and music.  :)


Comment by Catherine M. Tullos 12 hours ago

Cinderella, I totally agree!  My husband got off early one day.  The store had something I needed for my granddaughters sewing machine.  I called ahead to see if they would hold the store open until he could get by there.  They normally close at 4 pm...really???  They said if he could get there by 4:30 they would hang around.  He barely made it.  So not very accommodating.

Ruthann, Oh my!  What an experience that was!  You have to spend at least $450 to get out the door and you have to have a Sales Tax ID to get in.  I took $487 with me and spent $485  I went home with $2. lol.  I was like a kid in a candy shop.

Comment by Ruthann 13 hours ago

no local shops near here, all about 45 miles away, Walmart and then the expensive quilt shops, miss the local Ben Franklins used to have in 4 nearby towns, now all they have is post office, bank in 3 of them, one has a grocery store and hardware store, are like ghost towns now,thank goodness for online..

bet was a wonderful experience looking at all those fabrics in one building. would have maxed my credit card and pocketbook for sure, ha ha

Comment by cinderella pisani 13 hours ago

How can that quilt shop survive not being open in the evenings or on Saturday? People who work ( and how many don't in this day and time) can never get there. Someone should tell them they would do a heck of a lot more business if they would keep their doors open when people are available to shop. Okay. Step down off the soap box, Cindee.

Comment by Catherine M. Tullos 14 hours ago

Gotcha, I should have known that. ;)

See I still have a lot to learn...lol


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