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Hi All,
This is my first of many questions I'm sure :o)
My problem is, I live in a small apt and I've read several tips by 'searching online' about how to put your quilt together in a small space. I have my second quilt ready to 'sandwich' and it's alot bigger than my first which was a twin size and I managed to put together by moving most everything out of my living room lol. This one measures 64"x84". I've read about sprays that hold the layers together while you baste it..anyone have success with that? And also to do a quarter of the quilt at a time. Maybe I could roll it up and baste as I unroll?
I've made 3 quilt tops and one complete quilt so far. I made a crib sized one for my ggd and it was small so no problem. I want to get this one finished and I hand quilt after machine sewing the top. Any hints on 'small spaces' and basting the layers together?
Thanks for any help!
Robyn :o)

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Robyn, I have used the spray and it works great. If you are machine quilting you have to be very careful not to use too much as it will gum up your needle. If you are hand quilting, you don't have that to worry about. As far as sandwiching it and getting it together in a small space, I can't help you as I would worry about making sure that the backing is pulled tight. I know one of the girls said she quilts everything without a frame or a hoop so she may be the one to help you out here. I will try to figure out which one of my friends it was (ha) and let you know
Robyn, her name is Cheryl McKie. If you cannot find her, let me know.
Hi Robyn, This is CheryL - the one that Linda spoke of in her post. It is true that I quilt with no hoop but I put my quilts on the table of the long arm machine and get them together and basted there. I also do not have much space on the floor and cannot crawl around anymore.
The first thing I would recommend is that you think hard of anyone (friend, family) or anywhere that has the space for you to tape it all out flat on the floor or on top of large tables pushed together. Do you go to church ? because they often have a hall with these huge tables. I know that schools and old age homes also have most times. I live in South Africa so only really know what is available here. Most long arm quilters will also put your quilt together and baste it for you. If there is one around you then this may be a solution. I have seen ads for this on the Internet. Maybe a fabric or sewing machine shop could give you this info. Sure you would have to pay a small price but look at all the bother !!
I have also seen a video on You Tube (quite a while ago - I will look for it and post you a link if I can) where you use flat pieces of wood and roll each piece of the quilt up nicely on a piece wood and then use just a table to gradually roll the backing, batting and top out, a few turns at a time and then baste as you go. This keeps every thing flat and wrinkle free, esp. the backing. This is the best advice that I can offer. I will get back to you with that link and if I think of anything else.
Robyn, Here is a link to that method of basting with boards. I have read through a bit of the blog and it also has a link to Sharon Schambers free video on You Tube. I hope that some of what I have said helps ? Let me know please. http://honeybunchquilting.blogspot.com/2009/01/basting-with-sharon-...
Thanks Cheryl!
What a great idea :o) I don't have any boards or large tables, but I do have a long counter in my kitchen and I can attach one end of my quilt to my ironing board and the other end I can tape to the counter and roll as I go!
The good thing about this is I can reach all across the quilt on the counter side without killing my back. I'm going to get right with it and I'll let you know how it goes. I hope this works as well in practice as it seems to in my head lol.
Will keep you posted and thanks so much to you and Linda!
Robyn :o)
PS: Thanks for the info on the basting spray, I wondered if it really worked. I'm one of those "Have to do it all on my own" people so all the little hints and tricks will come in handy!
It was a pleasure to try and help Robyn. I hope that it works out for you. I would tack or pin with quilters safety pins as I unroll the fabric off the boards. Good Luck !
Robyn, I am looking forward to hearing if this works as I often run into this problem too when I am putting a king size quilt together. I used to have carpet on my LR floor but we pulled it up and have hardwood and I don't think my DH would be too impressed with me scratching the floor with pins while I try to put my layers together or taping down the backing. (Ha).
Does your library let people use their big tables?
Ours does & so does a local Quilt shop.
I was thinking that might be something to check into?
I quilting a full size quilt on an 18 " hoop a long time ago & it was a chore.
All the moving of the hoop & when I got on the last part of the quilt -- I had a huge pucker..;so thankfully it was a quilt w/ sashing.
So I ripped a seam open & cut out the necessary amount of fabric to make it lie flat... but I WILL NEVER use a hoop again..lol

Hi Patsy,
Well, my little trick didn't work, so I gave up and have the quilt spread out on the living room floor lol.
I finished most of it yesterday..my back and knees finally got tired of that! I'm ready for a new start this morning tho :o) I can't drive anymore so most of the things I do are at home.
The things I've quilted have just been by hand without a hoop or a frame and my quilt turned out just perfect! I was amazed lol. What I do is roll up all the sides to make a big square in the middle and pin it all around with quilting pins..the safty pin type, so I can start from the middle and just work my way out. I'm disabled and pretty much a hermit (geeze that sounds pretty bad!) but I've learned to quilt on my own after getting a bunch of books on eBay. I hope my first quilt wasn't just beginners luck! One thing a friend said was to be sure and baste really good so nothing can 'shift', so I'm basting all over the place like I did the last time! :o)
I really appreciate all the input from everybody! I love to see how everybody does their style of quilting and what might work down the road on the next quilt if it doesn't fit with this one.
Thanks to everyone, I really appreciate all the help and good ideas!
Robyn :o)


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