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1.  When you are getting ready to trim your seam allowances, put a recipe card on the line & then fold back the foundation.  This will give you a nice crisp line to lay your ruler on to.

2.  Use the flat flower head pins to pin your fabrics together as it will lay nice & flat & not distort your block. 

3.  I prefer to give each section a good press w/my craft iron before trimming.  While some people can finger press & not have any problems, I found that I was ending up with a little "poofiness" there if I didn't use my iron.

4.  If you prefer not to use flower head pins, you can also put a dab from a glue stick on to your fabric to temporarily hold it in place.

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Great tips, Janet! Thank you again!
Instead of pins, I use a water soluable glue stick. Just little dab works and no worries about sewing over anything!
If you have to take a seam out and your pattern is torn, repair it with paper first aid tape. It's low tack, light weight, see through and easily tears off when you remove your pattern. I keep a roll in my quilting case.
What a great idea! Thanks for the tip!
Thanks for the tip, Shawn! What a great idea! I've got some of that tape ... somewhere.
I tried your recipe card trick, except I used quilting stencil pastic. Works great! I just need to remember to trim BEFORE I press. I have cut off the piece that was needed doing it the other way!!
Actually instead of pins, I use scotch tape, but before using it for the first time, I put the piece of tape on to my shirt or pants (whichever) and than peel off. It than picks up some of the material, etc. & it is easier to use and comes off a little easier when paper piecing.


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