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Hi - I'm Rebecca and I love paper piecing.  I just discovered this group - is there room for one more member?  Will likely lurk a lot, and only contribute occasionally, but look forward to reading what everyone else is doing/saying.  (Waves hello to everyone)

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There is always room for one more Rebecca!  We kind of go in spurts in this group.  Some times we are really chatty & then we will go for a while with not much being said, but that is okay.  Please feel free to share pics of what you are working on with the group. 

Thanks for the welcome.  I'm getting ready to take a camping holiday, so I probably won't be around much for about a month, but I'll be back for sure.

Welcome, Rebecca!

Hi Rebecca.  I'm Kay and I love to PP too!  I think its because my blocks always come out perfect!  LOL

Have fun on your camping trip.  We used to do that when our kids were younger.  Now they're both grown with kids of their own and we no longer do it...... :(

Wow, camping for a month sounds like quite an adventure.  I read a joke on the internet the other day that the definition of camping was spending a lot of money to live like you are homeless.  LOL 

I loved our camper.  It was a hardtop and we went to Blackwater Falls a lot in WV.  We loved the mountains.... Girls were always riding their bikes, hiking or something.  I'd sit and cross stitch when I wasn't hiking with the girls.  Wasn't into quilting back then.  I'd love a month away right now though with my sewing machine!   LOL  

Hi I am Laura, and like you Rebecca (that is our daughter's name) love paper piecing, I am new to quilting with us ,but it certanly looks like I am going to enjoy this site and groups, a lot.
I will be not posting any work for some time, we have just come back home, after many years overseas, and my sewing things are in store, waiting for my new sewing room to be ready. But I will feast my eyes with your work ladies.
Thanks for allowing me to be part of you group.
Laura xxx

You are welcome Laura.  This group has a tendency to get a bit quiet, but that is okay.  Good luck with getting your new sewing room set up.  I'm sure you will be happy to have your sewing stuff out where you can use it. 

Thanks!! You are right I can't wait to be able to caress my fabrics lol

Welcome Laura!

Hi Connie , thanks !! I am looking forward to be part of this group


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