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I thought it would be a good idea to start listing the various types of paper that people use when they are paper piecing. 

Personally I prefer newsprint over anything else.  I bought a case from www.dickblick.com for a very reasonable amount and had it shipped right straight to my door.  It is 8-1/2" x 11" and runs right through my printer like a dream.

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I wondered if that was indeed the case. So basically the idea is to use as thin a paper as the printer permits

 I was looking through your album. Is there a way to identify paper pieced quilts? I am planning to see other people's finishes too to get an idea but there really seems no way unless people label it as so. Am i correct?

Quite often it will be hard to tell which quilt has been paper pieced opposed to regular piecing, but if you see blocks with lots of spikey type points more than likely it was paper pieced. 

Doodle Bot pads? Picture?
My sister has used the inserts in magazines for subscriptions. I'ved used some left over paper I used at work to make covers for technical reports. Its a bit heavier than regular paper but not as heavy as cardstock.
I bought a large roll of newsprint from our local paper -they sell the roll ends once a week. It was $2.50 and should last most of my lifetime! I will have to cut it to size, but I don't mind that - I'll use an old rotary cutter blade.
Thanks for the link, Janet. I have been using newsprint purchased through Carol Doak's site, but this is much less expensive. I'm fairly new to paper piecing, but just love it.
My question, Janet, is can you use newsprint in a computer printer or do you have to trace the pattern ?
I use Carol Doak's 8½x11 paper.   I'm excited about buying her 8½x14 legal-sized paper that is coming out January or February 2011.
Kay, you might want to try newsprint as it is so much cheaper than Carol's paper!  I bought a case of it from dickblick.com several yrs ago for about $15 and am still using it.  I only have to lower my stitch length to 2.0 and the print is very easy to see. 
I've tried newsprint but my printer didn't like it.  Even feeding it one piece at a time does not guarantee that it will pull through.  I've gotten rid of that printer after less than a year, but I'm not willing to take the chance with a new printer.  But maybe I will try just a couple of pieces just in case this printer behaves better.  A couple of years ago, I bought a "ton" of Carol Doak paper from an online store that went out of business.  It was really cheap and I got free shipping because I bought so much.
Kay, I had a piece of the newsprint stick yesterday...it worked fine for the first few pages, then a problem. I ahve also used tracing paper I bought in Staples that's thin enough to see through, but not get stuck. Give it a try - it's really easy to remove when the block is done.
We now have a Staples in Reno.  I'll have to drop down there and look for tracing paper.  Thanks for the tip.


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