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I thought it would be a good idea to start listing the various types of paper that people use when they are paper piecing. 

Personally I prefer newsprint over anything else.  I bought a case from www.dickblick.com for a very reasonable amount and had it shipped right straight to my door.  It is 8-1/2" x 11" and runs right through my printer like a dream.

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Thank you, Janet! It's nice when someone "experienced" wants to share success!
I've used freezer paper, newsprint, printer paper, and Paper Solvy.

I like the freezer paper for large pieces because they secure the fabric and prevent any slipping around. I have a warning though...I used a brand that was 8.5X11 sheets so I could run it through my printer instead of tracing, and I have to say, it was almost impossible to tear them out.

Paper Solvy is expensive and messy to remove. Won't do that again.

Printer paper is OK in a pinch but I agree with Janet; the newsprint is the way to go. So easy to tear out.
I looked up the newsprint and noticed it was a 30lb weight. This is heavier than copy paper at 20lb. Does newsprint tear easier than the copy because it does appear to be heavier.
Joanne, I looked at the edge of one of my reams and it has the #30 on there so I'm assuming that is the weight of the paper. I only change my stitch length to 2.0 and it tears very easy where when I used copy paper I had to lower my stitch length to 1.5, plus I had a harder time seeing the lines to sew on them. I like not having to lower my stitch length so much for those times when I have to "reverse sew" (a/ka/ ripping out! LOL).
Thanks Janet for your quick reply. I went to there site and i am going to check locally. If there is a big difference in price i will order from the site. Thanks again.
I like vellum because it is so easy to see through.
I have a friend who works in a DR. office and she gives me all the scrap paper that is not long enough to cover the examination bed. I like to trace mine onto I will have to see if it will go through the printer. But it is easy to get off the back of the fabric. I always do a smaller stitch which makes it easier to remove.
I use newsprint paper. I buy Doodle Bot pads of 60 sheets at the dollar store. Cost is .99 cents, but it comes in sheets of 9 x 12 , so I have to trim. Very economical.
Do you means newspaper, like you buy?
I tried a Scribble Pad from The Dollar Tree $1.00 (sheets 9 x 12, so had to trim for printer) & they were too thin for my printer.
Yes, Jodie, this is exactly the same thing. It works great for paper piecing and also runs through a printer very easily. I doubt I will ever use anything else.


 You do mean printed newspaper? Do you print the paper pieceing patter on top of the regular newspaper. I am a bit confused.

Sobana, it is the same thing that newspapers are printed on, but they don't have any printing on them.  Newspapers use huge rolls of the same thing for printing newspapers, but these come in reams of 500 sheets of 8-1/2" x 11" paper. 


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