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I have just read the discussions and it seems there are several others who also are having the same problem as I am.  Ann sent me what I thought would be a fix but still no luck.  I would like to do this sample but looks like my problem can not be solved.  Any ideas would be appreciated Thanks in Quilting Bonnie

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If you go to the discussion forum above the comment box there is a discussion titled Mar 13th Lesson 2 or something similar.At the bottom of the spiel there is an attachment next to an adobe sign,that is the PDF.

Hope this helps.

If you look at the title on this page...it says "I still cannot find the pdfs for lessons 2 and 3".  On the second line down from that is a blue arrow "Back to Perfect Points Quilt Along Discussions"; click the blue arrow.

On that new page:Click on Lesson two next to her picture; on that new page: go down to just above the "Reply" box.  You click on the underlined phrase next to the Adobe symbol that says "PP Sampler Lesson Two pdf"

You will do the same thing on that original page to get lesson one.

I hope this helps you.

NancyB in AZ

Bonnie, did you find Perfect Points Sampler: Lesson 2? It is in two places...under the Discussion Forum for March 13th and in the Introduction section in a long list of PDFs. Lesson Three will not be posted until next week.Hope that helps. Let me know if you are still having problems.


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