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Please post your ideas, inspirations, comments, and photos for blocks 5 & 6 here.

To show your finished blocks in one of the slideshows, post a picture to your own photos on your personal page and add a "tag" in all lower case. The tag should be " southern stars" (don't type the quotation marks). I'll go through the photos regularly and add them as I see them. Now we can all oohh and aahhh at everyones beautiful blocks!

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I am so far behind I will never catch up! These blocks are all so beautiful and well done. I can't wait to start mine. I got my fabrics and pattern and actually have it all cut up into little 'kits'. Now I just need to get started on it!
Blocks 5 and 6. Block 6 is definitely one of my favorites in the civil war fabric!!
Hi Linda, I really like those fabrics. Usually not the ones I would choose (I go more toward the brights) but these are really cool. Can't wait to see the next ones....
I've told you before I really like the colors and the blocks your doing. For some reason I can't get #6 to come out right!!! When I put it together the 3rd row doesn't line up with 2 and 4. Really the 2nd row lines up go with the first but not the 3rd. I've taken it apart more times than I want so I put it back on my to do pile and started #7. I thought if I got away from it I might be able to see what's wrong. I checked all seams and they are 1/4" so any ideas?? I'm going to quilt a quilt I need to finish today and think about it while I'm quilting. Hope you might have an idea!!!
Kathy, sometimes when I can't get something to line up, I go back and measure the size of the piece. Cutting errors can make a big difference. And believe me, with all the quilts I have made I still sometimes misscut a piece and that can make a big difference even if the seam allowance is 1/4".
Very nice blocks! Can't wait to get started on my #5!
Southern Stars Block 5 and 6
These two gave me some trouble. I fixed them after the pictures, but then couldn't find the camera!
Okay, so I don't know what is up with the slide show for this discussion group. From my computer all I see is a link posted above which will connect to the album, which then in turn can be changed to a slide show. Are the rest of you seeing the same thing I am?
Hi Kristin, I'm with you...sort of...I see the link, but when I click on it, I see an "album" not a slide show. The programming gremlins are at it again! Barb
Thanks Barb! I'll talk with our tech guru tomorrow to see what I've done wrong this time. It's always something! - Kristin


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