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Please post your ideas, inspirations, comments, and photos for blocks 5 & 6 here.

To show your finished blocks in one of the slideshows, post a picture to your own photos on your personal page and add a "tag" in all lower case. The tag should be " southern stars" (don't type the quotation marks). I'll go through the photos regularly and add them as I see them. Now we can all oohh and aahhh at everyones beautiful blocks!

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Good Morning Ladies, I finished my 5th and 6th blocks. I am having so much fun, that I can't wait and I have cut out blocks 7 and 8. Everyone's blocks are so beautiful and I really enjoy seeing how different the blocks look with the different fabric choices.
Joan - Your's are some of the prettiest blocks I've seen so far. You have a wonderful eye for color. I bought the kit, but I'm being a bit of a rebel. I'm not following the the color lay out for each of the blocks that was provided here on the web. I grabbed the kit from my mail box as I was heading out to a quilt retreat & forgot the instructions, I had printed out. I decided to do my own thing. I have the first 4 blocks done, but I need help downloading my pictures. My daughter comes next week & she'll help me. I love going to this site every day & see what everyone has done. Gotta go back to work now.
Hi Joan, I love those blocks and your color combinations. Great job!
Thank you for your kind words about my quilt blocks. I usually buy kits, because I don't feel that I can match up the colors very well. I had brought this fabric from CT and thought something would catch my eye and I could make something with it. I saw the Southern Stars quilt along and thought it would be fun to join everyone. I too am pleased with the way the blocks are turning out. I really have enjoyed making and seeing everyones blocks.
Good morning ladies! I finally completed blocks 5 and 6. Really enjoying this project. Only 6 more to go. Will use the same fabric in the next 6 blocks, but in different combinations.
Back to the sewing room to try and finish my Easter table runner.

Have a great day and happy quilting everyone ! Ginette
Gico - the blocks are really coming out great! I love the small prints. Barb
Thanks ! I was just looking at your pics. Your completed quilt top is just beautiful. Love all your wintery fabric and the lovely cats. Ginette
Blocks 5 and 6 are turning out great! I have only finished 5, and love the way it looks. Of course, I especially love Linda R.'s civil war blocks. I need to get back to my civil war quilt, its patiently waiting in the tote for me. Maybe tomorrow I can work on block 6. I haven't even taken a picture of 5 yet. Oh well, it will get done.
Hi All! I got my 2 done this month and have to say that it is coming along nicely! My daughter really likes it, which is good as it is for her! I am using black as my background and got a wonderful brightly colored border print that I'm pulling the colors from. Bright greens, oranges, reds, purples and blues! I'll have to take pictures of the blocks, though I usually wait till I'm done with the top b/f I take pictures. I'm so impressed that this quilt really goes together so well and so far (crossing my fingers) my blocks are coming out the 14 1/2 inches! Hope you all have a great quilty day!
Hi Kristin - finally got my blocks done 5 and 6 - put the pictures on my page - also need a advice - instead of putting the beige around the blocks - I though I would put a Tan( got more fabrics) and put it larger so it would make my quilt bigger instead of 2 and 1/4 maybe 4 inches...... what do you think - thanks again
Here are March - been a little behind reading posts and uploading my March Blocks. Better late than never :)


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