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I am really old!! I can not get my pictures online and I cannot blog!!! It is pretty bad when I have to have my kids help me. It is icy here in Ohio so I will just read comments. The photos I can find look great. Hope I can show my, sometime...maybe when we are done...do ya think?
Jacolyn in Ohio

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I think with all this new technology alot of us think we are really old. But have no fear, it is not as hard as
it seems. I have a son that is computer savvy has been since he was 5, he has to help with my computer stuff. I can do a little on it, but believe me, he has had to fix my mistakes. I don't even know what I did, he has to figure it out.
As they say "Practice Practice". You can do it!!!!
I agree with Debbie - the internet and computers can be intimidating, but, even if you think you think you've lost something in a hard-drive black hole, it _is_ still there - your kids can show you where it might be. If you watch those crime shows, there's always something on the computer the crooks thought they deleted!

I've been working on computers for years and use it quite a bit in my landscape business, but the internet has a whole list of things that completely mystify me! This is my first time on a blog of any kind and it is sometimes daunting, but I've made some really cool friends and you will too as you get better at this.

My younger son got me on Facebook and when I check my page, there are all these things (requests, comments) that I have no clue about....like the text messaging generation; which, by the way, I _still_ don't do on my cell phone! I'm 60 years old and sometimes I feel like 30 (when I'm out in the garden) and then there are times when i feel like 110 - like when I go on Facebook or see some of the abreviations used on these blogs.

Take heart that things will get easier and when you get frustrated, go back to quilting! Barb
I am in Newcomerstown , OHIO...where are you?
If you look below your profile info.. ..there is a MY PHOTOS area, click on add Photos & several browser boxes are there.. just click on the browser & you may look thru your documents or whatever file you have saved your pix in.
Just follow the promps..can't wait to see your quilts.
I tired to do a blog too when i joined & it didn't show up-- so not sure about that...lol
I am usually at work now.. but didn't go since it is so bad out.
So I finished one block for the kit ,plan to cut out fabric for the next one tonight.
Hi Patsy,
I am now living in Portsmouth, Oh - all the way south, on the Ohio River. I moved back home, Portsmouth, last April. I lived in Delaware, Oh for 15 years...but Portsmouth was my home. I am going to keep trying to send pictures of my first 2 quilt block until I get it. I can do about any type of spreadsheet you want, but blog and send pictures, forget it!!!!
Talk again soon.

I support the software applications my company sales, enterprise stuff, so I am computer savvy to a degree but am constantly amazed how fast things change. Always new things to learn and explore, like facebook. I have myspace to keep in touch with nieces and my extended family, now there is facebook, do I join another one? I am sure there will always be some new tomorrow, or the next date.
I guess I'm just the odd one one this group, I can do ok on the Computer but I sure CAN'T get my points to come together for my blocks, I will be late in posting my pics. because I'm going to start over. I have checked and rechecked my seam allowance, measured and remeasured each piece of fabric I cut. I can't beleave this is giving me so much trouble.
Suzi in Scottsdale
Hi Suzi, I'm with you - I _always_ have trouble with my seams. Even if I check the distance from the needle to the edge on my machine, the blocks continue to vary. Right now it seems that the blocks are consistently coming out 1/2 " smaller than the stated finished size on the pattern. The good news is that, as long as I'm consistent, the quilt will come out fine.

As for the cutting off points problem, first make sure you're cutting them properly with a consistent 1/4" SA - until you get more comfortable with this, you may want to use templates marking the seam line and then estimating the 1/4" SA - that seems to help my students improve their piecing. When you're sewing the seams together, make sure you're sewing from the side where the seams cross (when you can) and pin carefully! - that way you can see where the seams of the smaller units cross and you can guide your needle to go just at the intersection, even if the seam is slightly smaller or larger than they should.

I hope this helps and DON'T GIVE UP!! Barb
Jacolyn, it is ok to have your kids help you! bribe them with a quilt and they will show you how to download a photo. have you started on your blocks? I just got my pattern today. I was very careful to cut only what I needed. I did do the second block first, less pieces, it is easier to deal with. Katie
What good suggestions! Those geese can be so tricky. I didn't even measure my first block, I have no idea how big it is. I will have to measure it. Whatever it is, like you said, as long as I am consistent, it will be fine. As for the pictures, it seems kinda awkward to get them on the page. Plus, some people are using attachments. Maybe when my grandsons come over, they can help me. Computers are just second nature to them. It amazes me to think of the changes since I was a kid, then my girls, and now grandsons. They just can't imagine living without computers and all of their games, cell phones...
Man, I feel old now. I better go take a nap.
Happy quilting,
You all are so lucky to have children or grand kids that can help you with this technology. All of our kids and their families live out of town. I have to pretty much stumble through the process and hope I do not hit the wrong key along the way.
Hi all,
My block measures 14 3/8 " square---so not sure why.. as I made a point to measure out 1/4" from my needle before starting...hummm?
But you are right..as long as the 2nd one comes out the same.. I have the 2nd ready to start on this Saturday.
one thing that is iffy...which way to press the seams.
I still have bulk in my intersections.

Patsy in Ohio
Hey Patsy, as for the seams, I'd press them to the dark if possible, but sometimes you need to press them to the light fabric so you can piece them together with others more accurately. Also, if you have points sticking out from the triangle peicing, cut them off so there is no extra fabric in the seams. When you're piecing, you may have to re-press one of the seams so they're not all going in the same direction - that will help alieve the bulk.

Some quilters I know press the seams open like you do in garment making. The two problems I have with that is 1) you're creating a gap between the two pieces of fabric pressed going in different directions - that allows migration of the batting to the top in some brands and 2) by pressing the seams open, you're putting more tension on the thread (think of how heavy a finished qiult is and how we pull at it when making the bed) and it'll be more likely to break.

I hope this is helpful to you. What do you all think? Barb


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