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...that is the question. I would like to know your opinion on this issue.
I have always washed my fabrics, but I took a recent class and the teacher did not
recommend that I wash the fabrics. Now I do not know what to do.
Let me know what you think.

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I usually wash reds and blacks, but not much else. Oh, also I will wash all the fabric if I am making a baby quilt, but not fat quarters. I don't usually iron it until I am ready to use it. Just fold if right out of the dryer and put it away. I have not had a problem in any quilt I've made by not washing the fabric first.
Fabrics have so many chemicals in them. Due to allergies-I wash all my fabrics. Really love the krinkle-look after quilting and washing. I do hand quilt many quilts and chemicals are very harsh on your hands.
Hi Patricia - I agree about the look of finshed quilts that have been washed. I don't have a washer or dyer and DH is the one who does the laundry, so I don't ask him to wash fabric. If I'm not sure of the bleed factor I wash them in my sink, then take the finished quilt to the laundromat myself.

As for the chemicals, have you ever noticed that when you go into a fabric shop, you can smell the sizing in the fabric? In some cases, depending on the manufacturer, you can even feel it in your eyes. I definitely understand why many people wash it before the fabric is used. I wish I had time to hand quilt, but right now, if I don't I'd never get anything done....sometimes a bit of semi-instant gratification is a good thing....
Aloha Patricia!

Allergies are the reason I wash all my fabrics.

I also pink the edges before washing: no snarled up messes and it's easy to tell which of my stash fabric has been washed.
Great idea on pinking the edges - I'm sure I heard that somewhere before, but forgot it along the way. Too bad, now I'll have to go to the quilt shop and buy some scissors...and a little more fabric wouldn't hurt LOL
Aloha QuiltDragon!

I cheat! *LOL* I started using a rotary pinking blade after I thought my arm was going to fall off using my ancient pinking shears.

Super easy, super fast.

The bad news is that the pinking blade will rip up your self-healing-mat: I reserve the back of the mat for pinking only.

Have you ever walked out of a fabric shop empty handed? ;-)
I always pre-wash the fabrics. I like the feel of them after they've been washed, and as strange as this might sound, I like to get to know my fabrics before I start cutting them up. I am one of those fanatics that zig zags all my fabrics before washing them. For one thing, it makes it so much easier to press them afterward because they don't all get balled up into a tangled mess, but also if they're zig-zagged, I KNOW they've already been prewashed when I take them out of the stash.
I don't wash my fabric. I always usse pretty good fabric and I have never had a problem. It is usually so hard to quilt prewahed fabric as it doesn't have much body....If you spray starch it good its OK, though. I have also decided i want to make this into a queen size quilt. Of course I don't have any more of the fat quarters I used for the first 12, so I will have to put my brain to work and figure out something different for the outside rows. It would have to be 2 blocks wider and 2 rows longer Marilyn

Is there anything you do special when you wash a finished quilt? Don't was to ruin all the work, but would love an old look.
I never wash my fabric, like the look of the quilt after. The first quilt I did, for my daughter, did not wash fabric
and no one told me that it will crinkle up after washing. I thought I had done something wrong, so I did not want to give it to her. It was all medium to dark fabrics, they did not bleed and she loved it. I decided after I found out the quilt was supposed to do that after washing, that I like the look better. So never wash fabrics, only if I am putting a picture on fabric. The only thing I iron is the seams, and the finished top before quilting,
will not iron just fabric. Would rather spend my time cutting out for quilts.


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