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...that is the question. I would like to know your opinion on this issue.
I have always washed my fabrics, but I took a recent class and the teacher did not
recommend that I wash the fabrics. Now I do not know what to do.
Let me know what you think.

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The only time I wash fabric is if it is a really dark red,purple etc. and I worry about fading later. I too used to wash all the fabric, but not anymore. Haven't had any problems to date.
I rarely do because I love the old crinkled look that happens after the quilt is completed and then gets washed. I think it helps to enhance quilting too. However, when I want a more modern, smooth look for a quilt I usually do wash and then use a more polyester type batting.

Is there anything you do special when you wash a finished quilt? Don't was to ruin all the work, but would love an old look.

Hi, I don't usually wash my fabrics partly for the same reason as Letty, but I also don't have a washer and dryer in my house and loathe going to the laundromat for fabric. I took a class from Harriet Hargrave and she said some very interesting things - the one I've remembered best is that the problem is not not the fabric that runs, but the other fabrics in the quilt that pick up the dye. So, if I have any misgivings, especially when I'm using hand-dyes, I get 2 cups of very hot water, cut small pieces of the suspect fabric and any light colors you might be worried about. Then put them both in the hot water for 15 minutes. When you take them out and there is no change in the light colors, you're OK to wash the finished project.
Yes dye is a great reason to prewash. I have used a miracle product called Shout Color Catcher that looks kind of like a dryer sheet. You throw one or two into a wash when you're worried about fabrics and they literally catch the color. I highly recommend them.
You are so right. I use them all the time and I have never had a mishap. They are the coolest things since sliced bread.
I used to wash my fabrics all the time. I got so tired of having to do all that ironing. I stopped and now don't worry about it. I do use the color catcher sheet in the wash when I was them, but have never had a problem with bleeding colors.
Thank you all for opinions and recommendations. I need to get over the fear of not washing the fabric.

Letty have you used the Sout Color catcher when laundering a quilt?
I also like the idea of testing the fabric for color fastness, thank you QuiltDragon!
Color catcher product is the greatest. I never wash fabric. To me it keeps its shape better and easier to sew and work with.
I never wash fabric either. I've only made about 20 quilts now, but I often use red and purple and never have had one bleed. I use lots of bright colors...I do wash the quilt the first time in cold water but after that - who knows? I like the ease of using fabric with sizing in it and if it was up to me to iron all that fabric, well, let's say- those quilts would have NOT been made!
I too, washed everything when I goi it home-- pressed & folded it.
Then i read an article & saw teachers on Programs saying unless you think it may run-- not to wash..cause the cutting will be easier & more accurate.

Try it & see if it work for you.
Me too. I'm sure it's there, I just never looked in the fabric sheet dept. I've also used the Bubble Jet Set when I have done photo transfer. Ain't technology great?


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