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I hope someone will be able to help me, I have been looking for a pattern for a double wedding ring star...It has the rings like a dwr, but instead of 4 it has 6 with a 6-pointed star in the center, I have found the pattern in an old quilt magazine, but the person who submitted the pattern decided to make a wall hanging so only completed 1 block...it is a pretty round wall hanging, but I would like to have a bed size one and I am not sure how to attach the blocks to each other, I would like to see a picture of an actual quilt, but my searches are not turning up anything helpful....it probably has another name and so I'm not getting the results...anyway, I will try to put a picture on my page of the block that I have and if anyone has any suggestions I would love to have your help.

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Try this link, Judy Niemeyer does this pattern. There is a new one using batiks, or scroll to thhe bottom, for the original one she did...


Hope this is what you are looking for, very pretty pattern!
Nancy, thanks, I went there and looked, beautiful patterns, but unfortunately not the one that I am looking for, the one I want is a more traditional type of DWR but instead of the 4 ovals that make up the rings, it is 6 and there is a pieced star in the center that takes away the large empty section....I'll keep looking, but thanks for the help...
I saw this pattern the other day and knew that someone had been looking for a double wedding ring with stars. If you are still looking for it, you might look at www.freepatterns.com. There is a very nice one on this site.
thank you Pam, I have been on this site and it is a beautiful pattern, while not like the one that I was looking for, I have saved it anyway, because I do like it and it might be one that I would like to try, thank you for your help..Rebecca


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