Quilt With Us

Sign-up by April 20
Block to partner by May1
Completed and back to sistah by June. 15

What: one block, any size unfinished. Send to assigned sistah. She can make anything she wants from it and then send it back.

One more note, take aphoto of the block you receive, then a photo of the completed project. When everyone has theirs back, post the before and after pictures. Let's not post photos until AFTER we are finished and have sent the projects back to each other. Okay to post 'teasers' though. (partial pictures of a tiny area, words to confuse, etc.)
.So, put those thinking caps on, start thumbing through magazines, surf the quilty posting sites and come up with some ideas.




Sheila/AR. and. Gina
Gayle. and. Martha
Aida. and. Sandy
Pam. and. Cindy

Mail the block of your choice to your partner by May 1. If you wish you can include extra fabric that is in the block. Please remember to take apicture of the block you receive, then another of what you have created from it. You have until June 15 to finish and mailed back. If any of you need your sistahs address, you can send her a private message. Any questions, just ask.

Only rule is HAVE FUN & BE CREATIVE!

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Great...I'm glad it made it!!!!

Cindy...I received your beautiful block yesterday...I'll try to do it justice!!!!

Super........just have fun with it Pam. Have an idea that I hope works for your block. This is going to be so much fun!

Ladies please remember to post photos for us to all see before and after.  Once school is finished I shall be back here full time enjoying all the good times. Blessings to you all.

Hey sistahs...hope you are having a great holiday. I'm up at the lake and we emptied the grocery store out to get restocked up here. Worst part of opening up! Saved 42cents/gal on gas up to 20 gals! Anyway, Cindy...I'm going to be sending out my project to you...it's going to get buried in remodeling stuff. The sewing room is becoming the storage room this summer. We are gutting both bathrooms and building a laundry room upstairs. Enough of this running stairs. So....I am buying appliances when they are on sale and tile etc. Now, it's up to you if you open it or not...giggle. It wouldn't last two seconds in my hands...but!!!!

Ooooh, you certainly have my curiousity going. Will let you know how long my will power holds out! Hey, what will power? Yours is almost finished. So where do you want me to send it? Home addy or do you getting packages attention the lake house? Letter me know.

How are the rest of you doing on your sistah's block? Am anxious to see what everyone's made. Don't worry, there's still plenty off Time to get them finished. June 15 is stitch several weeks away.

Don't forget the before and after photos.. We will post those when they're back to their owners. Hope you're having fun with them.

Pam, you're certainly taking one a big project this summer. I totally understand getting it's on the main floor though. Stairs are the pits. Especially when laundry is involved.

You can send it to the house...we stop every other day for mail. It's on the way to work for hubby...We will be there until the end of June...the water is still freezing!!!! I don't stay here full time until I can swim unless it is hot.

Sorry I forgot to take pics but it would not have mattered since my computer eats pics for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I have not been able to find a pic that has been saved since DH worked on the computer.  I already sent Martha's back.

I understand Gayle. Not to worry. Perhaps Martha can take apicture of your creation as well as what she makes for you then post both. Martha, ehh. (hint. hint ) :-)
What speedy sistahs you gals are.

Sure hope your computer problems get resolve Gayle. Gotta love all this technology and how it doesn't work! GRRR. Every time I go to the library to get online my computer then has all the updates to download and I then spend lots of time waiting on it to finish so I can use it. Love it when it reconfigures all my files so I have to hunt for them. Building without technology chances are none of us would have the privilege to have gotten to know each other. It has brought so many wonderful friends into my life.


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