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Please sign up here for the swap. I will give everyone until August 11, 2014 to sign up. Hope everyone will join. Martha

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Cindy I sent it off Friday they said you should get it Thursday.

Thanks bunches. Will be watching for it. Can't wait to get my surprise!

Sheila, will try to get to the post office to get yours off tomorrow.

I see the gremlins are playing with me again. Had posted (or thought I did) that your package arrived this week, Martha. Everything is wonderful. Love the fabrics you used. Had planned on getting some of it, but didn't happen. Now I have it in the things you made. I have already been using them! I so needed a new seam ripper as well. Thanks so much for all my goodies and for hosting this swap. So here are the things Martha made for me and filled with some neccessities.

That's quite the stash you got Cindy...Thanks again Martha for organizing this.

Thank you Cindy! I am not sure why my post from yesterday did not show up but as you can see I got my goodies and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my frog pin cushion and could not be happier!! She is sitting right now in the basket in the middle of my kitchen island......that the pride of place location in my home. DH was also well impressed and was the one that took the photo of her. Yes I decided she was a girl once I undid your bow saw that it was lilly pad fabric and decided it needed to be her name Lilly. Thank you ever so much Cindy and everyone for allowing me to be in this swap.

Cindy that frog is adorable...very clever...I use to make the baskets. Might try another!

Has everyone gotten done with their pincushions. still have a week to get them done and sent.

I'm on pins and needles!

I'm almost done with your pin cushion Aida. I was having some issues with the pattern but I think I got it figured out. It will be in the mail on Monday!!!! I hope you like it! Have a good evening everyone, xoxo Gina (quiltmom)

Wow, I hit the jackpot!  Here's what I received from Quiltmom - so lovely!

a lovely pin cushion attached to a handy bag for scissors, threads, pins and needles (all included), and a pair of beautiful pillowcases (Amelia already took the dibs).  So generous of you, dear Sistah.  Can't wait to use them in the sewing room.  Now I am all inspired to get back to my quilting.

I really have to get on the roll with the the projects I planned on completing this year.  Last July I made of list of things I need to finish by year end so I can start new projects, but since I came back from my trip to the West Coast, I seemed to have lost the inspiration to quilt.  I started a few more blocks, but not sure what to do with them.  Now it's November and DGD's school is doing a huge fundraising the end of the month, and they're asking for stuff to sell for their silent auction.  I have 3 quilt tops needing to be completed; I will have to work on them 6-8 hours a day to finish in three weeks.  Is it doable - if I put my sewing hat on and avoid getting sidetracked by other things.  Oh yea, DG also volunteered to donate some baked goodies - meaning "we" have to bake whoopie pies and pumpkin bread and such.  Gosh, I wish I still have the energy of a 30-year old.

Anyways, I should stop whining and just go and do it.

Have a nice weekend, dear Sistah's.

I don't mind turning to 40 - I would still be a young chick at that age.

Aida...you did hit the jackpot...very nice and oh so handy!!! Get to work lady, you have a longggg list!


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