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Round Robins are started by anyone who wants to start one. I have started both RR #1 and RR #2 because no one else felt that they knew how to start one. Maybe RR #3 will be done by someone else in our group.
Each participant makes a center block according to whatever the "Rules" are. RR #2 is an 18" or 20" square block. Each participant sends in her Name, address, phone number, computer name, and personal e-mail address to the coordinator, in this case, me. I assigned them numbers 1 - ?. Each member will receive detailed information as to rules, member info., and how the RR will go. When each member completes their center block, they send it to the next number on the list, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc. and ? sends to 1. They have 6-8 weeks to complete the 1st border and send it to the next person. When each person has finished the last border, the quilt top is sent back to the original owner. Each person will do 1 center block and ? borders, and each person will have a completed quilt top when the RR is finished.
The ? Stands for the total number in the swap and is decided by the participants.  I hope you understand this explanation. Carol Poulis

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new here!!!!!  I look forward to reading about this group and seeing how I can join in

on all the fun you seem to be having.  Hope to join a round robin soon, just tell me

what I need to do.  Thanks.  I'll check in this evening when I get home from work, it

is almost time for me to start for the day so I have to close my email now.


Oh, I will update my profile later had to do this fast as I am at my work desk.


Hi Dot, Welcome to the group!  There should be a new RR starting this month.  I am not going to start this one.  I did the last 2.  I just moved in December and I am not caught up yet from the move.  Again, Welcome!  Carol  CP from TX

Hi Carol

Thanks for the note.  I am not sure what to do in a RR but I am willing to learn.  I am not that

advanced with my quilting.  Have not tried advanced patterns but have done intermediate to some



Hope you move went smooth and soon you will have everything in its place.  Giving you time to

explore your new area.

Thanks again, Dot from New Jersey (new name is the snow belt for us)

I also would love to join one of these.. Can you explain a bit more how each border works as it grows. Say I was person number three on the list... would I allways put on a six inch border on all I recieve or does it change depending on what the next border will be added.. Seems the larger the number the more material required each row. How do you tell a color scheme is it allways scrappy looking? Also will it have to be done in all quilt shop material required or just 100% cotton fabric.? Just wondering... I have seen a pattern for one somewhere I have to look up.. Sounds like fun.....


Hi kingskidaz,

In response to your questions, the person who starts the round robin is the one who sets the rules.  I started one at the beginning of the year with a Christmas theme, set the sizes for the borders and allowed the women who chose to join decide whether they wanted to do scrappy or set fabrics.  I personally chose set fabrics but most of the women chose scrappy.  You will always receive the pieces from the same person, but as the pieces travel, the border size you do changes depending one which piece you are working on, for instance, the first one you work on will have border number one's size, but after you've done a couple you'd be doing the size of border required for the third round.  That way you do one of each border but on a different piece every time.  We have always done ours with cotton, but if you choose to start one you could use the fabrics of your choice.  We do try to keep the number of participants down to 6-8 as too many makes it extremely expensive, time consuming and occasionally too large for frames.  I hope this helps with your questions, but if you have more, the lovely ladies in this group are always very helpful.


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