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Hello everyone we will be making the Vintage Propellersquilt for our new challenge.

The pattern can be found on this site under the Freebies tab. I chose this pattern because it looks as though it will use lots of those scraps we all have. You are free to to make your quilt as large or as small as you like. Remember the largest will use up the most scraps. Feel free to use any and all colors. You don't have to stick with one color as your back round. Mix it up! Get creative!

The rules are simple: The challenge starts on Feb. 01st and ends on June 30th. That's it! If you are not able to start on the first, start whenever you have can.

As in the past, there will be a random drawing at the end of the challenge for those of you who finish. Of course the prize will be something quilty. Also this time to make it fun, I will be giving out other little gifts for milestones along the way. These challenge milestones are only known be me.


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Shirlee-just hit the image button in the upper left of the comment box next to link and you will be able to download your picture.
Thanks, I see it.
How do you get the picture to be on with your posting and not an attachment.
Nice block Shirlee. I can't wait to get started.
Thanks for the info ladies,just made another following the directions exactly this time and cut the trianges before sewing instead of sewing 2 squares together.All the pieces fit this way and it ended up 1/4 smaller all round than the other one.Do not understand.
just got started with my blocks, decided to try to do them all in cream and red scraps since those bins seem to be the ones that need paring sown the most.
I used the Triangles on a Roll to make my half square triangles. Sures make it easier and if I sew on the lines there is not squaring up. I like that.
well duh---why didn't I think of that?? Sometimes the brain just doesn't kick into high like it did before---no that can't be it-must be brain freeze from the cold---that's my story and I'm sticking with it
I note from the instruction sheet for Vintage Propellers that for a baby quilt 63 blocks are used ad for a twin 165 blocks are used.  Can you tell me approximately how many will be needed for a lap size quilt?  Thanks.
Terri, how large a lap size are you wanting?
Thank you for your response.  I am thinking the size of approximately 43" by 53" without the borders on, slightly larger with the borders added, of course. 

I have not started this yet, but I just looked at the pattern, and these are my calculations for your lap size.

One block finishes at 6" square.

6" x 7 blocks = 42"

6" x 9 blocks = 54"  

7 x 9 = 63 blocks.   This is the same as the Baby size shown at the bottom of the pattern sheet. 



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