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Hello everyone we will be making the Vintage Propellersquilt for our new challenge.

The pattern can be found on this site under the Freebies tab. I chose this pattern because it looks as though it will use lots of those scraps we all have. You are free to to make your quilt as large or as small as you like. Remember the largest will use up the most scraps. Feel free to use any and all colors. You don't have to stick with one color as your back round. Mix it up! Get creative!

The rules are simple: The challenge starts on Feb. 01st and ends on June 30th. That's it! If you are not able to start on the first, start whenever you have can.

As in the past, there will be a random drawing at the end of the challenge for those of you who finish. Of course the prize will be something quilty. Also this time to make it fun, I will be giving out other little gifts for milestones along the way. These challenge milestones are only known be me.


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What a cheerful looking quilt. I love it. I have only done the one block but am hoping to make more.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

great looking blocks! love the colors-so cheerful  at this dull time of year- at least around here -everything is kinda gray looking- Got 165 blocks finished before we left on vacation-will post a photo of the top as soon as I get a new camera-broke it the 1st day we were gone- so no pictures of our trip either!
well mine is finished! I don't care if I ever make another HST!!!
All I can say is WOW! That is really bright & very pretty. Congratulations on a job well done. I haven't even started.
Beautiful Diane!  I love it.

 OMG!!!!  this is wonderful.  Now I really want to make one too even if I don't have enough time to get it done before the cut off time.....hmmmm....may need to rethink doing this project....have a colour plan in mind to go with my scraps.....now to go print off the pattern...darn ladies...what are you doing to me...lol.  


Welcome Debbie......I haven't even started on mine, so you have plenty of time! I just seem to keep putting this one on the back burner and doing other things first. Think I'm only doing a baby quilt, so it shouldn't take too long?
WOW! Congratulations Diane. You did a great job!
Lovely work Diane.It is bright and cheery.Might just go back to mine tomorrow after a while away it calls again.
After much delay I have 5 blocks done.  This may be a table runner.
Okay over the weekend I got busy with my hst's - mine are sized smaller, but I was able to complete 12.  So at least I'm started!! Hurray!

jbt and Donna, I'm happy to here you've started. Good for you. I haven't done anything. I'm still trying to finish my taxes!

I hope to get started by the end of the week.


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