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Hopefully there are a few of us in the group that enjoy paper piecing and all the crazyiness that goes with it! This thread is for us to share our ideas, how it's going...successes, failures (we learn more for some of these, right?) and even some of our pictures...Char and I have been talking and we both LOVE paper piecing! I use soooo many scraps when I do it and it'a another way to use up those ever increasing scraps, right? Here's one of my mini's done with paper piecing. It is more of a winter scene...on my page I have some mini's that are also paper pieced. Please, chat with us!!!


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I don't do a lot of paper piecing, but do enjoy it when I do. On my page, there's a pic of the Kaleidoscope quilt that I did... that's paper pieced ---oh, and the Carol Doak's wall hanging is one, too.
I just found a pattern recently that really caught my eye. I am a hand piecer, a rare occasional machine piecer, but I tell you, there is something about this pattern! I just might talk myself into this , maybe ONE block later on today to see if I can indeed do this?

Need time to finish up the "have to stuff" that is calling my name--you know, "drudgery of housework"? (new initials: DOH?) to see if I can do this?hmmmm....

I will post a progress report.
Riley, you can do it, but then you won't be able to stop! lol You'll be addicted just like me.
I just looked at your paper pieced kaeidoscope quilt sunshine and it's beautiful! One of the things I love about paper piecing is how precise your blocks look when done...

Riley, give it a whirl! You might like it!
All righty now, I have begun...
Lessons learned from a new PP beginner: (see? I already learned the acronym, I believe they are called? Moving right along... :))
1.You must trim the seam allowance of the piece you just stitched before you add the next piece!
(Pep talk to self: you did not learn to walk the first time you tried)
LOL Riley! Yes, that'a lesson that we all learn. What I do is to fold down the paper towards me after I've sewn the seam and trim the seam allowance...used to use a straight edge to get it nice...just trim now...good luck...you can do it!!! Would love to see a picture of it when you're done? Or even the process if you want to...
I think the best case scenario is for me to sit down & do this, rather than RUN fold a load of clothes, put some in to wash, dash back in here, stitch a seam...oh wait...need to do that, better get this done...SHEESH! **HUFF PUFF GASP **(<----drama! :) )I made myself tired talking about it.

Back to PP:
I learned a good deal about this method this afternoon. I learned that it can be a precise method of piecing a complex block(I am not there yet, but I WILL get there) This one is a complex block to learn PP on, so it seems to me, but that is my usual way! (You know, think about a life jacket AFTER you have gone down for the 3rd time ~OR~ never start at the bottom of the ladder & move up?)
I learned that paper takes up a tiny bit of seam (kinda in the same way of scant 1/4") allowance, so I am off a little on some of my points...not a bad beginning though.

All in all, I think it is a positive start to a new method. It will probably never take the place of hand piecing for me but you know, you never know when something new is a better way or at least, a different way. I WILL become skilled at this?

This is a Dusty Miller Block, for those of you that do not know. I think a whole Scrappy quilt of them (And yes, PP, need to get an education in this method! :) )would be stunning!

Will it use up scraps? Nope, it's the usual problem , it creates them! :)

Well, obviously Riley, you're doing just fine! That's a beautiful block!
Yes Riley, Ronda is right, your block is beautiful!
Your block is beautiful! And I would agree with you, that this is not a normal beginner block. But then many of us did not start our quilting experience with what many consider to be beginner blocks.
I have a question please? As you know from above, I am NOT a learned PP'er but hope to get that way. I decided that perhaps I should read some directions ( :) heh heh :) ) before going any further with my quest.
I was reading Judy Mathieson's (sp?) technique on her absolutely breathtaking Mariner's Compass'. She uses freezer paper (FP), cuts off the seam allowance of the FP, & irons her FP to her fabric. Rotary cuts it out, adding the seam allowance back on the fabric only, then sews right down the edge of the FP.

(If YOU are a seasoned PP & confused, think what I feel? :) )

Do ya'wl consider this to be PP also or not PP?

I thought the FP method was to sew down the FP ?

"Confuscious in TeXas"


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