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Hopefully there are a few of us in the group that enjoy paper piecing and all the crazyiness that goes with it! This thread is for us to share our ideas, how it's going...successes, failures (we learn more for some of these, right?) and even some of our pictures...Char and I have been talking and we both LOVE paper piecing! I use soooo many scraps when I do it and it'a another way to use up those ever increasing scraps, right? Here's one of my mini's done with paper piecing. It is more of a winter scene...on my page I have some mini's that are also paper pieced. Please, chat with us!!!


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Hi Rebecca, when you mention the itty bitty pieces, are you talking about the number 1 and 2 pieces to get started? IF so, in the past I've used a fabric glue that came in a stick container. That you use to temporarily stick position 1 onto the paper, and then you can put "rightsides" together and sew easily and not worry about the fabric moving. Sometimes the patterns are way to small for a pin. I just use the glue for that first position. M~
The best source for learning paper piecing is Carol Doak's CD "Carol Doak teaches you to Paper Piece". The CD is great in that it takes you step by step through the process of creating a block, how to prepare your fabrics for your project, setting up your sewing space for paper piecing, everything you will need to paper piece any project. She also gives explaination of the tools needed for paper piecing as well. Check it out and I'm sure you will be pleased. Also included are blocks too so you can practice what she teaches you.
thanks for the tips ladies, I'll give it a try...I have a few basic instructions, and yes, the little bitty pieces are usually no. 1,2, and 3 sometimes...am going to try something bigger and see how it works...I think I could like it once I get the hang of it...
Sherri, paper foundation pieced blocks can make excellent accents for all of those totes, purses, cell phone holders, etc., that you are making.
I use a long nose tweezer. It has a very small point and reaches into those threads if need be. Hope you can share your finished block with us, would love to see this.
Just wanted to share, found a neat book on this site, not sure they still carry it, but it's called "Flip-Flop Paper Piecing" & it shows you how to paper piece a whole block, all in one piece! Works really neat! You sew on the back, mostly, as usual with pp, then do a little hand tacking or sewing, on the front, & VOILA, your block is done & no bulky seams or sections where they meet, on the backside! Check out the book when you get a chance!
I've only done a little paper piecing but I have to say I enjoyed it.  I love your "mini"-are the log cabins pp'd also?


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