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If you have a dedicated work space, how do you have it set up? Here's what my friend Joanie did with hers:

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Looks good, Peggy. Mine is a total mess at the moment. Need a bulldozer, I think!

I started out throwing all the stuff that was lying around into the guest room, then I cleaned the space, and finally sorted the stuff in the guest room and put it all away. I'm so glad I did. It reminded me of what I had, besides making the whole place neater.

my sewing room doesn't look anywhere near those beautifully organized workspace..

Would love to have your room..

I always had to use the dining room until the kids left home. Joanie's workspace is prettier and better organized, but mine is bigger...and has more fabric.

That's a neat old swift on the table. Haven't seen one that large before. I use mine (smaller and metal, from an antique store) for bindings.

What a great idea! I usually put mine (similar to Joanie's) away when I'm quilting.


I'm assuming you're responding to Joanie's work space. She studied design. She really knows how to make things look good.

Good morning, it is almost the 4th of April and have been doing lots of odds and ends, I live in a one bedroom apt. and have been adjusting my area the best I can... I have set up a resin table next to my bed and it fits, a little tite but.... that is where I will be doing my cutting etc... My sewing machine  sits on the kitchen table, and the iron on the counter where I can press  things as needed on the top of a podium ( which in actuality) is the trash basket. ( but it works)  my fabric is tucked into a drawer where it is handy but out of site.. The space came when I sent my yarn, some patterns and other kits to a yard sale... my time with them has ceased...makes the apt look much neater and when I have  people for coffee they adjust to my settings, I no longer adjust to theirs. now this mite not be the best for someone else but it is for me....I do put the machine off the table for meals,   if I am having guests, however so it doesn't get messed up, the sewing not the meals// Gmakitty


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