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Well, ladies this is the final lesson for our little Summer of Spools quilt.  We are attaching the borders today.  So, first we will mark the center of two border strips and center of two opposing sides of the quilt and attach them.  Next, sew the remaining C cornerstone squares to either side of the other two border strips.  Attach these strips to the opposite sides of the little quilt.  Now, your little quilt is complete.

OK Ladies, you're rounding the corner to completion!!!  Yay!!!!  Now, all you do is put the spools together!  I've also included a shot of the back so you can see how to press.  The pressing is very important.  Also, a little tip from me ~ I use sizing and I use it profusely.  Sizing helps make your seams lay flat which is very helpful when quilting and all of you can quilt this project.  The sizing also keeps your fabrics stable so they don't stretch as easily when working with them.  This is particularly important when working with bias edges and/or triangles.  I can sometimes have up to 4 layers of sizing on my blocks by the time they finally become a pieced top.  I don't skimp here!

Now the exciting piecing happens!!!  We are going to build the spools!!!  First, you will sew the A/B units to the top of the half square triangle units.  Take note of the pressing diagram.  I have pressed mine this way as to more evenly distribute the bulk of the seams throughout.  Believe me, when you go to quilt this you will most appreciate this piece of it!!!!  Then, stitch these units together to create your spool block.  Note that one of the units is rotated.  Make 5 of these.  You'll do the same with the royal blocks to create the royal spools and you will make 4 of them.  Voila!  You have all your spools built now and ready to bring it all together!!!!

Today we will make the last of the blocks to complete our spools!  We will sew the A/B squares.  Its simply sewing the smaller B squares to opposite corners of the A squares!  I've placed a pic of the completed squares below.  Once we get this lesson completed we'll be ready to bring it all together!  Wahoo!!!!!

In today's lessons we will complete the second set of spool blocks.  You will attach the C squares to the half square triangles you completed in the last lesson.  Make sure you have your half square triangles turned the correct way.  Look at the pic carefully so you'll have  the C square attached to the correct side.  Then you'll sew the units together.  Posted is the backside of the block so you can see how its pressed.

Now, we have another spool colorway to create.  There are only four of these spools.  You will follow the same procedure as in the first spool colorway.  This is for the royal spool blocks.  You now know how to mark, sew and cut your grid.  Refer to the previous grid if you need additional guidance.  This is a quickie lesson that won't take much of your weekend and you'll be ready for completing the spool block on Monday!!  Wahoo!!  Have a great weekend!

First, we will begin with marking our B squares once diagonally.  I like to use the Pigma pens as they are archival and the ink doesn't bleed.  Some like to just fold their squares or to make sure you follow that straight diagonal line, some place tape on their machine bed at the 1/4" and follow that.  You can see from my pics that I prefer taping my machine.  Be sure that when you stitch, stitch slightly to the inside of your line.  Once the B square is sewn to the A square you will cut the corner off leaving a 1/4" seam and press open.  Now you will do the same on the opposite side of the A square with the Amethyst B square.  Complete all ten A/B units.

Now you have half your spools finished!!!

Now, you will flip one stack of your half-square triangle/C units and attache them down the middle.

Now, this part is just a "little" persnickety.  Take a close look at the half square triangles.  Note the direction in which they are facing.  Ten are going in one direction and ten are going in the opposite direction.  To successfully execute this, separate into two piles of ten and make sure each pile is facing as shown here.  Work from one pile at a time.  You will be sewing the C squares to the bottom of the half square triangles.  So, I had my two piles, each turned as shown here with the C squares below.  Then, systematically sewed all the C squares to the bottom of each of the two piles of half square triangles.  Then, I pressed towards the half square triangle.

We are going to take a look at the grid.  You'll be drawing a grid on two sets of rectangles.  This will allow you to sew a continuous line making all your half square triangles at once.  Once finished with the sewing you can cut the half square triangles apart. Press.  I like to cut off all the "ears" hanging out.  Its a little persnickety side of me but it makes me happy to have clean edges.

We will begin our first lesson for the Summer of Spools by cutting our the whole project.

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Thanks, Mari...I too, got a little confused, and had to run bach into the quilt room and check out the size of what strips????? Your pics, are very clear...and will be working on the next steps today. Anne
Thank you Anne. I'm so happy Alison helped me get those pics up!
Mari, I have never made HST using this method! This will be a new experience for me. Looks like lots of fun. I will start my 'spools' tomorrow.
Hoppy quilting!
I first tried to draw the lines on the fabric without cutting, but I ended up cutting the strips before sewing. They all came out fine, just like what you have on the top picture.
Good job, you can do it both ways!
I just ordered the kit so hope these photo stay up till I can get started! Looks like a great project. Love all the fabrics and projects that I get from this site!!! Thanks all. Marianne
Hi Marianne! That is my name and spelling! I shortened it to the nickname my Mother gave me! Yes, all the pics will stay up until the end of the QAlong.
Done....and loving it. What a nice way to work. I'd like to go ahead...but, I'll wait....you never know when Mari will insert a special little trick to make your sewing experience a little neater. I got red roses from DH Mike, for Valentine's Day. What a guy! Huh? Anne
You are blessed! And all those years too! Wow, yeah, what a guy!
Anne, you are so right, you never know what tricks Mari has up her sleeve. She just may throw something strange and wonderful at us. Good for you on getting the roses! I got 38 carnations. Pink and white. That's what he has gotten me for 38 years now, starting with a week before we got married.
Hoppy quilting!
Wow, you too Linda! You're both very blessed people to have such committed guys!
I don't know where to post these questions. First, I'm interested in doing this project, however, I don't have time now. Can I copy all the lessons and do it later? Second, do we have to order the kit in order to do the project?
Third: I can see lessons 3 & 4, but it looks like one lesson as I read thru it. Where are Lessons 1 & 2? I'm really confused.
I may decide to order the Kit, but if I can't find all the lessons... well, I can still follow the directions with the kit, but looks like there are still some good ideas.


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