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I thought you ladies would like the scarf patterns handy.





Sandy B ‘s Twisty Scarf Pattern



Here is the scarf pattern and it is clever. 4 ply, 4 mm needles (size 8).

Cast on 23 stitches and knit 2, yarn forward, slip one, yarn back, slip the slipped stitch back on to remaining stitches, turn knit 2, to start. Turn, knit 4, yarn forward, slip one, yarn back, slip slipped stitch, turn and knit 4 back to start. Knit 6, yarn forward, slip 1, yarn back, ss1,turn knit 6. Knit 8, yarn forward, slip 1, yarn back, ss1, turn knit 8. Knit 10, yarn forward, slip 1, yarn back, ss1,  turn knit 10. Knit all 23 stitches to the end and knit 2, yarn forward, slip 1, yarn back, ss1, turn, knit 2 and so on and so on. It takes a while for the twist to start. I think you need about 3 balls of wool or yarn. I will try to take a better photo to show you.





Loretta’s Painted Circled Scarf by Lion Brand: Cast on 22 sts. 

Row 1 (WS): Purl.
Row 2 (RS): K17, turn; leave rem 5 sts unworked.
Row 3: P17.
Row 4: K12, turn; leave rem 10 sts unworked.
Row 5: P12.
Row 6: K7, turn; leave rem 15 sts unworked.
Row 7: P7.
Row 8: K across 22 sts.
Rep Rows 1–8 until piece measures about 56 in. (142 cm) at widest point, end with a Row 8. Bind off.

It is so easy when you remember the rows, the twists aren't quite as tight as Sandy's, but it still looks very nice, I did mine up in a cream, pink, and brown variegated yarn that worked up really nice. 


I've also attached documents in case you want to save and print them.


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Thanks, Lori!!!  And thank you Sandy for sharing!


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