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This weeks tutorial is very basic.  No rotary cutting involved, just assembling a simple nine patch block.  I'd like to know who all is attending this quilt along, so I'll know how beginner you are.  So please take a moment to introduce yourself in this discussion and tell us how long you've been quilting, or general sewing.  Tell us if you've ever used a rotary cutter/mat/ruler.   Don't be shy!

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Hi Everyone,
My name is Louise and I've been quilting for about 2 years and really enjoy it. I love being able to share tips and tricks. I feel like I'm always learning something new. Can't wait to get started on the 9 patch project with everyone.
My name is Wendy & I've been quilting off & on for 10.5 years. I moved to England with my husbands job. My best friend is English & when I got over there she asked me to join a class with her. I did & loved it. That is I loved everything but the applique. I don't do applique anymore. Had to do it for our first project & thoroughly hated it. I've made 2 king quilts, 4 quillows, 4 American flags that I sell, (everyone different), & 2 twin quilts. I've done a few cheater quilts. I used a rotary cutter, mat, & ruler on everything.

I can't say I love to quilt but I do love the finished product. I like the putting together process but not the cutting. I wish I had someone that would cut everything for me. :) I think I'd get more done then. I've joined up because I was taught by an English woman & I've found from watching some of the tutorials that she taught me the hard way to do things. I want to simplify my work. So I guess you could call me a beginner of sorts. Looking forward to getting a project done easier & quicker.
Welcome Wendy - you don't sound like a beginner to me, but you're right - we can always learn ways to do something easier! And keep an eye out for later this summer - I'll be doing an applique tutorial and I guarantee you'll find a method you can tolerate :)
Hi everyone, I've been sewing since 8th grade Home Ec. Once I got married in 1967 started making curtains, drapes and eventually children's clothing. Made a Jr. Bridesmaid and flower girl dress for my girls back in 1980. Finally got into quilting on and off in the 90's but since I retired 7 yrs. ago, I love, love, love to quilt. It's very calming and soothing. Haven't done very complicated patterns. Happy with simple scrappy quilts and strip piecing. I do have a rotary cutter, it's a must. Like charm packs and use them frequently. Although I enjoy my quilt magazines, I really prefer to have someone physically show me step by step. I'm just a "fraidy cat"! LOL
I grew up with my grandmother living with us. She taught me to mend and darn socks with needle and thread. I wasn't allowed to use the sewing machine, so I used a needle and thread to make clothes for my Barbie. I learned to use a sewing machine in Home Economics class and love working with colors, prints, and textures to create a work of "heart". My first sewing challenge was a gathered skirt for the 4H sewing project and fashion show. I've made clothing, costumes, purses, stuffed toys, draperies, placemats, pillows, quilts, wall hangings, and more. I've worked for 2 different retail fabric stores and I have earned extra money sewing. I enjoy trying new techniques or quilt patterns and usually add my own twist to make the design my own. I find inspiration everywhere, but not enough time to create my ideas. My husband says I will never use up my fabric stash. He made me the wooden racks I use to hold my assortment of rulers. My niece calls me the "scrap queen" because I use fabric scraps to make greeting cards. The nine-patch block is great for children's quilts as well as pinwheel blocks.
I start by saying I am enjoying this group of girls.....I have been sewing most of my life..I'm 63shhhhhhhh! I took home ec in school and have been sewing ever since. Started with clothes for myself, then had a beautiful daughter, made her outfits and such. Later on I started making dolls, still love them and I guess i will always be a girl at heart. Now I just do quilts, bags runners and fun stuff. Last year I made each of my 2 sisters a quilt, two great grandchildren, both granddaughters and my brother. This year I am working on all the guys in my life, husband, son and 4 grandboys. I love simple things, love to learn new techniques and have fun with quilters. You know I have never met any of you but I feel a special friendship with each and every one. Let's give a big hand for Karen in her quest to teach some of us old dogs.......new tricks. Have a blessed day.
Hi Karen, I've done many 9-patch and love working with sq's. I'll be reading your lessons to see if I can improve my techniques.
Be sure to share your tips if you see I'm missing something cool!
I'm what can be called an "occasional" sewer. Since I discovered quilting, I have gradually grown addict to it. I like making handbags that are different from everybody else's.
I have always made all the curtains in the houses I've lived in, plus cushions and pillows, bath curtains and even bath mats! Most recently, quilts. I used to make pyjamas and jeans for my children when they were small. I also and occasionally knit and crochet. I've always made all Christmas cards myself. Never bought one. Just out of pleasure. I also make soap, and add scents to it. My favourite is lavender, from my own garden. In sum, I like handcrafts, but recently, my interest is focused on quilting.
I consider myself a beginner, although I've tried my hand at flying geese, as well as various combinations of HST's. In all, I`ve completed 8 quilts up to now, and at present I'm making a throw out of old woollen sweaters that I've washed in very hot water to make them felt.
I don't have much time, only weekends. I do quite a lot of surfing, and finding you has been a "trouvaille", as I have the opportunity to learn and see lots of the things you show and share.
Here in Spain there's been patchworking activity only recently, and I feel there's still so much to learn. So I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks for the tutorials.
That addict thing is well known around here Ana Maria!
Hi Karen and all the gals...my name is Cindy and I have been sewing since I took home ec in school. I have sewn clothes, toys, and one year in school I made a shirt (blouse I guess you would call it) and skirt in my school colors which I was so proud of lol. I have also taken sweatshirts apart and made jackets out of them, I gave everyone in my family one (all the girls). I made my mom 4 or 5 of them cause she would wear them to work. I did get some orders for them which was good. I do crochet and knit too, which I have sold lots of afghans. I have made a couple of quilts. So Karen I am a very beginner to this neck of the woods. I also made placemats and potholders both out of fabric and crochet. Starting this month I will be taking more weekends off at my full time job so I can quilt more and learn new stuff.
Hi Karen and everyone,
I'm Linda and I've sewn off and on for many years (I'm 66 now and recently fully retired). I used to make all my own clothes and my sewing machine dates back to those years (early 70's). Then for many years my job just kept me too busy to have time to do much sewing - just some curtains and things for the house. But I love quilts and I love cloth and I always wanted to try my hand at quilting.
I find though that I need the push of being in a class to actually get anything done. I took a couple classes at a local quilt store about 6 or 7 years ago and actually completed one small quilt -although it took me years before I got it quilted. But that store closed and since there isn't another one near me I haven't finished any of the other projects I started. So I consider myself still a beginner.
I was really excited to find your site and these online classes - this is perfect for me. By the way, I really love your website (and your fabric) - it is the most user friendly quilt site I have found both for shopping and for these online classes.


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