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Welcome to Week 1!  If you were following along in Stars month, this week will be a repeat because Flying Geese work great in Variable Star blocks.  But I did ad a few tips, because if you're like me, my Flying Geese just don't always turn out right.  But I've been practicing and am being much more careful with my 1/4" seams now.

For those of you just joining us, you might not know that I'm a terrible piecer.  I love applique and crazy quilting - neither require precise piecing.  So I've been using this tutorial series to brush up on my own skills.  I'm finding that I'm finally over my fear of piecing!  So I queried the quilters around here (there are many!) and asked for their tips on perfecting the Flying Geese block, then tried them myself.

Next week I've got two more methods for constructing this block without any specialty tools.

Have you ever tried either of these methods?  Do you have a preference?

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Hi Karen - I just finished the 12 blocks for my DH - variable stars made with flying geese. I tried making the flying geeze the 'easy way' - that is placing 2 squares at the edge of rectangle, then sewing them. But I went back to cutting the end triangles and sewing - somehow with this method the 1/4" seams are straighter and the ends line up much better. - Aida
Aida, when I use this method to make Flying Geese, I make sure to sew just to the seam allowance side of my drawn line. Then after I press the square back to form the triangle, I make sure the triangle completely covers from the front. Then I flip the whole thing over to look at the wrong side to see how it matches up. If I can see any of the triangle, I trim it down to the beginning rectangle before I cut the back two layers off. That way I know I will have a true rectangle when I am finished.
Great tip Cat Lady!
I can't seem to find lesson 1 and 2,, can u please help me,, thanks sew much!
Linda J
Here's the link Linda.
Flying Geese Week 1 and 2.
Hello. Confession time. I have jumped on and off of this part of your site ??? times. Then I read your paragraph above that said "I'm a terrible piecer ...and love applique and crazy quilting." Oh JOY and RAPTURE. I'm am here to stay as you just spoke my Quilting LIFE!! I feel my jitters passing and will swing it one more full circle and try, No- TRY again. Thank you for sharing your personal side as we just never know who it will help in life. Michelle
I just discovered these tutorials and joined this past week.
I love the way flying geese look. Needless to say, I am enjoying the lessons and look forward to school being out so I can try them.
I'm trying to decide which tool to purchase Fons & Porter or Quilt in A Day? Both seem quite handy and fast! Ladies, any preference?
I just clicked onto the email you sent about flying geese.  I love the flying geese, but I do not have the lessons from the beginning.  Is there any way you could send these to my email?  reedquilting@yahoo.com.  I have never made any flying geese in the past, so this will be a first for me.  Thanks Lorraine Reed


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