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I know you all have rulers galore in your sewing stuff.  How often do you use them?  It's time to dust them off and give them another try.  I know I have many...mostly purchased at quilt shows when I've seen them demonstrated.  They always seem so cool when you see them in person, but then you get home and scratch your head in confusion....how did they do that?

So to continue with the Half Square Triangle discussion, I'm going to demonstrate two different specialty rulers - the Fons and Porter Half and Quarter Square Ruler and the Wonder Cut Ruler.  I've even shot some videos so you can see them in live action!  Click here for the tutorial and videos.

Take a look and tell me what you think...do you own either of these?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Never use them?

Next week I'll show you two more tools. 

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Karen, as you mentioned, I have a bunch of rulers, but not the Fons/Porter one. While I was cleaning my sewing room, I found a bunch of 1/2 square triangles I made with my EZ angle, so I'm going to use them for this group. I'm hoping to make something large enough for a nap quilt for my DGD. So, here we go...
BTW, I forgot to mention, I DID watch your tutorial and it's really great. So many of them online are impossible to follow. Thanks for that and I look forward to the rest of them.
Thanks for such a clear set of instructions--I have both of these tools and no instructions so have just been using them as straight edges---ack!! I'll be attending a 4 day quilt retreat this weekend and am eager to experiment with them.
Dorothy, I'd laugh out loud, but sadly, that's what most of us do with these expensive toys! Glad it was helpful!
Hi Karen. I've read and re-read and watched the totorials...I don't have either of your rulers...What I do have, and I have 3 different sizes, is "Easy Angle" One is 4 1/2" and up to 11 1/2". Now can I use them the same way, or is there a way to create your pinwheel without the rulers? I really would like to try this pinwheel. Thanks, Anne
I am anxious to hear the answer to this as I am in the same boat. Hope we can save ourselves from having to buy any more tools, leaves more for fabric!
Since you cut fabric strips when you use the Easy Angle HST rulers, and cut out the individual HST units the same way, I would think that you would be able to use the same method as Karen demonstrated for the Wonder Cut ruler.
Will the tutorials on the specialty rulers be kept for easy access in the future? I've had demos on most of my rulers but it's so long between use that I forget how to use and have to figure out all over again. Your video/tutorial was great. I would love to see a library of how to use specialty rulers for reference in the future. What else are you going to demo? Do you take requests? Thanks,
Hi Sandra, yes, I'll be keeping the tutorials live indefinitely. And you can also find the videos attached to the specialty rulers on the CT site. Every time i do a new video, I'll attach it to the product where you buy it - it's my own pet peeve that there are so many rulers and no demos, so my goal is to make videos of as many as possible!

I have the whole year planned out already and haven't posted it yet (in case I change my mind!), but April is Stars, May is Flying Geese, June is Kaleidoscopes, July is Applique (that's a big one!). That ought to keep us all out of trouble for awhile!
Hi Karen,
Your tutorials are excellent. I can't wait for June and July. I am hooked on Kaleidoscopes atm. I have fabric for about 5 so far. Some using a border stripe and others an allover print. Also books on 3 different methods. Two are not called Kaleidoscopes but that is the end result.
I have a hallowe'en one on my design wall but i am still tweaking the design. I want to do something unusual with it.
Am anxious to see what your ideas are and also your methods. I also just ordered the Kaleidoscope add on for EQ6. Can't wait to get that and start playing.
Are you planning anything in the future on EPP? The info i have found on the web is a bit confusing.
Thanks Joanne! I'm thinking I'll do 3 different methods for the kaleidescope block, including the super easy 4 patch method. I've seen a version that ends up looking like a star block, but am still looking into that.

Did you see the EPP video we did? See if that helps. I think we also have a printed pdf on EPP under Learn.
Hi Everyone, and to Karen...Thanks. I have completed PW #2. I used the ruler that I already have. My block came out about 1/2" smaller than PW block #1. And it doesn't seem to lay quite flat. I will probably try another PW #2 to see if it will come out any better. May we have the specs, on sizes to cut the fabrics. Thanks again...Have a fun day, Anne


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