Quilt With Us

Creating Custom Background Fabric.........(yeah Charlotte!.....your guess was right!)

Step 1

Choose a pallet based on temperature....  Warm   -   Neutral   -   Cool

Step 2

Gather fabrics and threads -  cottons, organza, chiffon, lame, silk, netting (I will be using ones that shimmer!)

Other required materials.....

Piece of fabric for the backing....white felt, plain white cotton.....?  You could try a white on white...there's no right or wrong here...EXPERIMENT!

Fusible webbing.....a piece big enough to cover your backing fabric...I am going to use LSAS2.

Parchment paper or non-stick ironing sheet

NOTE:  Try starting with a size of 10x10 or 12x12


STEP 3...Once you have gathered all this.....now choose a complementary color

Happy gathering.....I'll list steps in a few days.....please post pictures of your "before"




Here is a little slide show.....


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Oh...come on!

LOL....HI...everyone has been sooo busy....don't mean to tease....strips!  We will need strips of rags...that's all I can say for now....soon...very soon.....

But.........I don't like to wait.
You big tease! Don't know how much I can participate, but I'll be sure to lurking getting info and keeping up with the chatter.
EEEhhh that is so naughty.You big tease.
That's cruel and unusual teasing!!  lol  We will be waiting...she said with toes tapping.  lol

Let's see....

I've made a few baskets and rugs by wrapping fabric scraps around clothes line. Or could it be crocheting old T-shirt strips into rugs?  I've made a few bowls zig-zagging fabric wrapped cord...

Or are we just making new fabric by sewing strips of other fabrics together?

? ? ? ? ? ?...The first step is to choose a "tempreature" to work with.....warm, neutral or cool.....decide first, before gathering supplies (details later).....I am choosing cool.....not a surprise...love the blues/greens/purples.....
Can't wait to see what this is! : D
Just thinking.....Angelina could be cut into strips...white/off white organza could be dyed to create the colors you want...also, white organza ribbon and dye, Inktense, you can even water down acrylics and use that...? ? ?

Pant, pant, pant.  Whew!  Ok, taking DGD home today.  Will be back Monday, ready to go.  Finally got this technique.  Have not been here in weeks.  What a busy summer.  I've never had one this busy in my life.  All sewing was school clothes.  No quilting.  No experimenting.  She got here and had zero interest.  Even at ten, her attention span is maybe half an hour.  I will miss her, but am happy to return to my life.  Poor Michael suffered from wife attention deficit.  I'll be caught up and ready to go on Monday.


Doing all this extra laundry netted me gobs of extra fabric softener sheets.  I have ironed them flat with a warm iron, folded in half, pressed fold, and stitched with buttonhole and straight stitch along the folded edges, creating a book of about 20 pages.  Then I cut to 4x6".  I'll send you one Brenda, when I get back.  I think there is a lot of potential here.  I've already got about 6.

We've missed you Robbin!  Glad you had a good summer with DGD, but I know it is nice to have your own life back too.


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