Quilt With Us

Creating Custom Background Fabric.........(yeah Charlotte!.....your guess was right!)

Step 1

Choose a pallet based on temperature....  Warm   -   Neutral   -   Cool

Step 2

Gather fabrics and threads -  cottons, organza, chiffon, lame, silk, netting (I will be using ones that shimmer!)

Other required materials.....

Piece of fabric for the backing....white felt, plain white cotton.....?  You could try a white on white...there's no right or wrong here...EXPERIMENT!

Fusible webbing.....a piece big enough to cover your backing fabric...I am going to use LSAS2.

Parchment paper or non-stick ironing sheet

NOTE:  Try starting with a size of 10x10 or 12x12


STEP 3...Once you have gathered all this.....now choose a complementary color

Happy gathering.....I'll list steps in a few days.....please post pictures of your "before"




Here is a little slide show.....


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I watched this video twice and thinking of the goodies that I can find in my stash.....hhhhhmmmmm.  I love your cool and shimmery.  I am in a warm and dazzling mood, so let me see what I can find.
You're always dazzling, Sugar! LOL
Smooches to you sweet Charlotte!
With your exotic color choices, I look forward to seeing how you declare, "Warm and Dazzling".  It will be something wonderful, no doubt.  I need to send you lots of texture pics taken in New Orleans and on a hike on the way home.
Thanks, Robbin.  New Orleans is my birthplace, but we left when I was a little girl.  We used to visit my grandmothers every year until I was a teenager.  Three or 4 carloads of us would travel from Nevada and California and the children would spend the summers with our grandmothers.  So many wonderful memories.

I love this but need a few more bits and bobs till I can try it.Not enough of one or the other!!!

Brenda you have a real gift for this teaching lark.

You can tie diverse pieces together with something over top.  Think about a particular ribbon running through, in and out of all of them.  Add stuff later (embroidery, buttons, beads) to tie it all together.  Don't let this be a stopping point, but rather a challange to reach a new level in creativity, beyond your comfort zone. 
Great advice, Robbin.  It gives me more to think about, too.  I do have lots of stuff to use, but that can also be a problem, with decision making.
Linda, the thrift shop is a good place to go on a treasure hunt for interesting pieces.  Try looking at dresses (women and little girls), vests, lace, ribbons, mens ties, etc., it doesn't take much.
Had a bit playtime this morning.
What a collection - love the oranges and the aquas, Linda.
Linda...lovely collection!  I think I have as much fun previewing the fabrics as I do creating...lol...I still have to add another layer or two of texture with my complementary color.....hopefully this weekend I'll another smilebox.....


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