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Welcome to Technique 16.....Fabulous Fonts.  Ready?  First, find four fonts.....figure out which one you want to keep...you really don't have to find four.  It just sounded good. Then decide where or how the final piece will be displayed.  Will your fabulous font end up as a pillow, plaque, purse...I could go on and on you know.  Knowing ahead of time where it's final destination will be can help us choose materials. This exercise is more about embellishment. The technique you choose is up to you.  Experiment with something new to you!  Have you ever printed on organza?  Covered an area in french knots to create texture?  There is no deadline on this, and you don't want to rush through it.  Plan, prepare, PLAY!!!!!

Photos as you go will be great.....

Brenda                          B

Linda                             J

Charlotte                       P

BJ                                  E

Sharon                           Q

Gwen                            G

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My initials are all represented... and then some. LOL   Now to see what we do with them.  By the way, I am the only vowel!  Oh, and I know there is a Q but can't remember who chose that one.

The Q is me- hopefully it's one I can work with 

Sharon...yes, the "Q" does have a lovely curve!

Gwen H

Hi Gwen...

Love it! And I love Sharon's choice of a Q for this project. Q is for quilter! I may just do one of those for my sewing room. :D
( I'm so envious you thought of it first while I was feeling sentimental! LOL)

Char, you can do a Q...lol...let me know and I'll change it up top...

Charlotte I didn't even think of that, I was thinking Q for quiet. My Mom has the tv going full blast 24-7 , if you complain that it is too loud she just says, "Get earplugs cause I'm not  getting a hearing aide."

Oh Sharon, your mom is a hoot. I can say this because I am not having to live with her 24/7.  I can so enjoy my mom so much more than when I was doing 24/7 care. I loved doing it and was so glad to be able to, but sometimes the teasing/jabs just got to be too much.

Crossing my fingers that the site will let me download a picture.  I started this one late last year. I'm planning on putting it in a shadow box frame for my granddaughter. The pink is supposed to wash out - crossing my fingers it will.  Hope it will help get our creative juices flowing for this technique.


I'm trying to decide how much more to so on it, or to start making the circles larger or????  It has been fun.


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