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Welcome to Technique 16.....Fabulous Fonts.  Ready?  First, find four fonts.....figure out which one you want to keep...you really don't have to find four.  It just sounded good. Then decide where or how the final piece will be displayed.  Will your fabulous font end up as a pillow, plaque, purse...I could go on and on you know.  Knowing ahead of time where it's final destination will be can help us choose materials. This exercise is more about embellishment. The technique you choose is up to you.  Experiment with something new to you!  Have you ever printed on organza?  Covered an area in french knots to create texture?  There is no deadline on this, and you don't want to rush through it.  Plan, prepare, PLAY!!!!!

Photos as you go will be great.....

Brenda                          B

Linda                             J

Charlotte                       P

BJ                                  E

Sharon                           Q

Gwen                            G

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Thanks, it measures 16 x 16.  I used Susan Brubaker's technique to face the quilt.  This is the second time I've done it.  I now know that the first attempt was not correct!  LOL....

Beautiful work Brenda. I was not aware of this challenge - it looks like a beauty. I will now check through the other posts here.

Well still haven't started my piece- have an idea but this went on a back burner for awhile- it will get done but not right now!!

one project at a time Sharon.  My problem is always coming up with an idea.  Once I start I'm usually good to go.

I've got the same problem, Sharon! Too many other things in my life right now. LOL Right now I'm having a quick "Ahhhh...." moment at the lake house. They're all out in the snow and I'm in front fo the fire watching them through the window. lol (Actually, I've got an apple pie in the oven to surprise them when they all come back in! Adelaide and Freya are here, so it's even more fun)

Bet that pie tasted mighty good when they came in from the snow!  How fun!

Haven't forgot  my challenge- actually I am working on it now. But when it will be finished I don't know.

We'll be eager to see it, Sharon, when... ; )

Sharon, for me the hardest part is getting started!  keep us posted!

What a coincidence with this theme. I have been working on a wall hanging to go over our new fireplace with the letter 'R' (our last name) as the centerpiece. Didn't have any time frame on when I wanted to finish, but thought it would be nice in our new home.

Fantastic!  Send a photo.....love seeing the creative process...

Shhhh, I'm done


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