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"Tied Bun Basket"
This little 'basket' unties to store flat. It can be used for bread/buns,napking, or even
sewing notions. The basket for this project starts with a 10" square when flat that
produces a 6" square basket when the flaps are up and tied in place. The size of the basket
could easily be altered by increasing or decreasing the size of the starting square. OR
use a rectangle and make it large enough to hold a loaf of french bread. Let your
imagination and creativity play!


(2) 10.5" x 10.5" pieces of fabric of your choice*

(1) 10"x10" piece of 'Insul-Bright' or other insulated batting*

(2) 10"x10" pieces of extra heavy stabilizer*

3 1/4 yards 1/4" double fold bias tape (purchased or homemade)

Thread (matching or contrasting - your choice)

Fabric Glue

General Instructions:

Step 1: With Stabilizer and Insulation ONLY: Use ruler and marking pen of your choice to
measure in and mark 2" from the outside edge of all four edges of each square of stabilizer
and insulated batting.(If using the 'Insul-Bright', make marks on the shiny side.) The
marking will produce a 2" square in each corner of the three 10" squares. CUT AWAY the 2"
corners squares.

Step 2: Stack the three pieces together with the insulated batting on top (shiny side up if
using the insul-bright).

Step 3: Use the mark you made in Step 1 as a sewing line and stitch the stack together on
all four sides. Stitching will begin and end at the inside corners where the cut-outs were
made. This stitching line creates the 'fold' line for bringing the edges up to tie when the
'basket' is completed.

Step 4: Sandwich the stabilizer piece between the two pieces of fabric as follows:
Lay the piece that you want for the back/bottom of the 'basket' right side DOWN on your
work space.
Place the stabilizer unit on top of the fabric square on your work space.
Place the fabric piece that you want for the top/inside of the 'basket' right side UP on
top of the stabilizer unit.

Step 5: Pin the fabric pieces together at the corners to hold in place while stitching. If
you pin from the corner in, the pins will not be in the way.

Step 6: Measure in about 2 1/8" to 2 1/4" from each edge and stitch through all thicknesses
on all four sides. This will be just enough to catch the edges by the stabilizer cut-outs.

Step 7: After stitching all four sides, remove the pins if still in place and using
scissors, round off the corners. You may do this free hand, or use something round to mark
exact cutting lines. (I used a glass.)

Step 8: Bias Tape/Corner Tie Placement:
From the bias tape, cut eight pieces 7" long. This makes the corner ties.
On the side that will be the back/bottom of your basket, place the ties to the stabilizer
side of the stitching line that secures the front and backs together. One edge of the tie
should be at the outside edge of the basket and the remainder of the tie should go toward
the center of the basket. Baste the ties in place at the outside edge. It would also be a
good idea to secure the loose ends of the ties to the center of the basket with pins or
tape while stitching the edging in place to keep them from getting in the way.

Step 9: With the remainder of the bias tape, start in one corner curve or edge of your
choice, and place the bias tape around the edge of the basket. You will be stitching
through all thicknesses...both sides of the bias tape are stitched down at the same time.
To make this easy, apply fabric glue to either the wrong side of the bias tape, or to both
sides of the 'basket' to secure the bias tape in place for stitching. When you have
stitched around the 'basket' and have just a few inches of tape remaining, measure the tape
allowing for at least a 1/4" turn under to make a nice neat finish. Cut any extra bias tape
away and turn underturn under the edge and stitch to the end. Be sure to backspace to
secure the seam.

Step 10: Loosen the tie ends that were secured in Step 8 and clip the ends at a cute little
angle to add the finishing touch.

This completes the 'basket'. It is now ready for you to fold up the edges and tie the
corners in place and use! Enjoy!

* Optional Changes:

Fabric: Use same fabric for front and back or two different ones for a distinct front and

Batting: The 'Insul-Bright' is designed to return heat to the source which is ideal for
keeping buns warm. However, if you do not intend your basket for such a use, regular
batting can be used. OR omitted altogether; but you will need to use the two pieces of

Stabilizer: Two pieces makes a very durable basket. If you choose to use the 'Insul-Bright'
or other heavy batting, you could omit one piece of the stabilizer. This would make the
basket easier to sew/quilt/etc.

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Love the pattern....thanks!


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