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This is to be an exercise in Photo transferring and Thread Painting into an Art Quilt.

Take a photo of your choice, make sure you have the okay to use it, put it onto a transfer sheet or printable fabric, A4 or 8 X 11, the rest is up to you.



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Is everyone familliar with photo transfer or printable fabric?  Printable fabric will depend on the type of printer you have, so make sure you check out the info and know how to set your printer for thick paper.  The photo transfer sheets are easier to use, but the end result when ironed on to the fabric will have a shiney look that you may or may not like.  It will depend on how much thread painting you want to do.  I used the photo transfer  sheets for my Lady with the red turban and it worked fine as I intended to cover the whole thing with thread.  An alternative if you would like to use the printable sheets but don't have a printer that will cooperate would be to purchase a packet of sheets and take them and your picture to a print shop and ask if they will do it for you.
This would be the only way I could do it as I only have a B&W laser printer. Could I sketch???
Sandy if you email me your choice of picture, I could print or transfer it (not sure which is going to work on my printer yet!) and post it back to you.
You are a gem Barbara. I will let you know. It depends on this dress! Also is the pool helping your back still? I think this is what I am going to need to do. I keep putting one of the discs out in my lower back and boy it hurts, especially down the left leg. Physio found the spot again!! LOL They are good at it.
I'm still in the 'debating' stage on this one. Sounds like great fun, but there's a lot on my to do list right now. I'll let you know. Is there a cut off date for signing up?
I will need to check if this is ok with CQ, but I'd suggest that we see how many have somthing done by the 30th November and then do a quick sort out of who we need to send to.  It is a busy time for everyone, so some will be more able than others to fit this in.
I can definitely let you know before then if I'm "in".
I with you whatever you decide, life comes before swaps!  Honestly, I am still struggling with my Aussie Swap, thank goodness my Swap partner is a wonderful understanding lady!!
CQ and BB, since I have never, ever done anything like this, how detailed would the photo need to be? - HELP!! LOL
NOT detailed at all!!!   Well, think of it this way, the more detailed the picture, the less you need to enhance it with thread painting.  I'll go and find some examples and show you what I mean.  :)

This is a picture I found on Morgue files for an example.  Once you have this picture on the fabric with stabilizer on the back, begin in the middle and use yellow thread to give a bit of texture over the yellow stamens.  You could use zig zag to look like satin stitch over them.  With the printed fabric, there is no need to cover every millimeter with stitchin.  Next, use a pink/red thread and out line the leaves and go down the central vein and spread out along the way following the veins.  Don't worry about going exactly over them, the print will work as shaddow.

Work your way out following the green leaves outlines and veins.  Fill in areas you think you would like to highlight, maybe some of the flowers in the background or the edge of the pot.  Just pick out bits and pieces, but leave the rest.  There is no wrong way to do this. Have fun with it and don't stress!!!!

You may also like to look at a drawing rather than a photo. It will be easier to  do as the image will be 2D rather than the way a photo looks more 3D because of all the shading.With this one, you could use black to outline the window frames, orange to run some lines across the chair back, sides and arms.  Green for the tree, just running straight stitch in the direction of the branches.  Red to colour in the curtains, and orange/yellow for the lamp. Again, just highlight areas, don't fill in every tiny area.  Leave the floor and walls as background. Outline the parcels and toys, maybe do some stitching in the boys hair.

Sorry gals as much as I would love to be part of this I told myself I wasn't to take on anything more till the New Year.

Christmas and leading up to is very busy with Church things and also I have a class I'm teaching and preparing for another in the N.,Y.

So I think I can only go with Janet one as I already sign up for that.

I will watch on the sidelines and wait to see what everyone does.LOL.




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