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Must be mailed by December 10th.


This is to be an exercise in Photo transferring and Thread Painting into an Art Quilt.

Take a photo of your choice, make sure you have the okay to use it, put it onto a transfer sheet or printable fabric, A4 or 8 X 11, the rest is up to you.



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We agreed with what you had on the list, I think it all made sense.

My painting is on its way to its new home. Hopefully it will arrive safe and sound. Sorry BJ, but I think you'll have to wait until it is received by its new owner. I'll give you a hint - Michigan. Aren't I a stinker. hehehe

But Terri I know nothing about Michigan - he, he. Just stirring the pot!!

Okay, let's stir a little more - SNOW!

I'm thinking Lake Michigan.... Hmmmm.... will be fun to see even if I have to wait! POUT! LOL

I thought about sending you an e-mail with the picture; however, I can't send a picture to ANYone! My DH, trying to be helpful and not wanting me to miss a deadline, sealed the envelope and MAILED it BEFORE I could take the picture. I remembered that was why I had not sealed the envelope and was going to do that when I discovered it had been mailed. Poor dear just couldn't understand my look when he told me how he had "helped." LOL. So when my partner receives it, I hope she will e-mail me a picture of it so that I have it for my journal and can put incorporate it into my slide show. Please! ~2*

Soooooo, it's the "my husband sealed the envelope and mailed it" excuse. LOL  

BB. Let me have a peek of hers to Linda I knew Linda was getting it but had to keep quiet. It is in the true BB fashion she is sooo good. Enjoy Linda.

heehee... I've seen it too. It is so wonderful!

What about me - the onlooker? Can I have a look too? Lol

Sorry Sandy, I should have thought.  I will email a copy to you.  You deserve some entertainment today as I'm sure you won't be able to leave the house while you have Mr Obama and 200 of his closest friends visiting Canberra.

What? You didn't receive your invitation to be with him? I just don't understand it. It must have gotten lost in the mail!


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