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Must be mailed by December 10th.


This is to be an exercise in Photo transferring and Thread Painting into an Art Quilt.

Take a photo of your choice, make sure you have the okay to use it, put it onto a transfer sheet or printable fabric, A4 or 8 X 11, the rest is up to you.



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Ha, ha - very funny Bj and BB. It is all quiet again - our RAAf is no longer circling the Canberra skies (3 million dollars in fuel!! so says the newspaper) - all that fuel - all that CO2 into the atmosphere - even the birds are happy - no more road closures. I have seen it - thank you BB - very good. Threw out even more stuff today - do I keep the kids primary school stuff???

I gave each of our kids all their school papers when they left home, and they can keep or discard what they want. A good way to deal with it all.

That is what I need to do - thanks Bj. Your Pres met some local high school students this morning and said he loved hearing their new ideas rather than the stodgie ones of us (and him) oldies!! having taught young ones - some ideas are good, some are not thought through and doesn't experience play a part in a community? Sorry, I hate these throw away lines by politicians currying favour - I am a bit cynical now a days!

He's probably relieved he could hear something other than Julia's simpering and fawning.

How is the swap coming along I'm looking forward to seeing the slideshow?

We are quite spread out with this swap.  Terri has finished and sent hers, Linda has finished and sent it to Charlotte who has recieved it. I've finished mine and sent it to Linda Ummmm I've probably forgotten someone.  Others haven't started yet, but it dosn't need to be sent out till Dec 10th and that date isn't set in stone either, so you could be waiting a while for the slide show, but it will be something to look forward to! :)

Here is the beautiful Snowman I received from Gwen for the CHristmas Swap!

This one is so cute.  Lovely TP'ing!

I never showed you all the lovely Christmas TP I recieved from Linda. (Ya' do good work, Kiddo! lol


Wow! And you have a 3D one to match!

Perfect choice of subject matter for me! I just happen to have a collection of German nutcrackers. : )


My brilliant Christmas swap from Barbara.  Da Dah


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