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Must be mailed by December 10th.


This is to be an exercise in Photo transferring and Thread Painting into an Art Quilt.

Take a photo of your choice, make sure you have the okay to use it, put it onto a transfer sheet or printable fabric, A4 or 8 X 11, the rest is up to you.



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What great pictures you all have done!  Love them all.

I agree - amazing work girls - well done.

Oh, what fun! Is that an echidna on the front of the  surfboard? (So that's what the ol' boy does when he visits Down Under for those warm Christmases!)

Yes, we ALL need a little surf and a cool off on those long, hot Christmas days. Oh and yes, that is an echidna.  I've never met a smiling one though, they're usually a bit grumpy and busy looking for food.

Great Christmas Swap you have done well, isn't it amazing how they are sooo different. Love it.

Finally!! It's in the  mail!

My apologies for not getting it into the post by the 10th. You're never supposed to mess up a perfectly good apology with excuses, but I just had to get past DH's birthday and since I haven't been driving, I had to wait on someone else to finish what he  was working on...(a fabulous rocking airpane for Henry).

Of course, if I'd have started it sooner instead of procrastinating because of fear of how to start the thing, I might have actually gotten it out on time. ( None of you were sending yours to the Queen of Threadpainting, so being a bit nervous about starting the thing was to be expected! LOL)

It came out pretty good, to say the least. DH ask if I was going to make us one. Compliment indeed, since he doesn't usually say much about my stuff! ; D

Barb, I sent it in a mailing tube (weighed a ton!) and I'd like to apologize ahead of time for the difficulty you may have getting it open. I didn't have any strapping tape to use on the end discs, so DH very helpfully stapled the caps on. Keep some tools handy.... LOL

Mine went out in the mail today. I thought of taking a picture of it after I had sent it out. So When my person receives it, I hope you can take a picture of it!

Denise I received your lovely Christmas picture and it is wonderful! I never would have thought to do a Christmas ornament and you did a fantastic job on it with the thread painting. I LOVE the picture of the cardinal you included. Did you take that?  It's a GREAT shot. As soon as I get a moment to catch my breath, I will definitely scan the thread painting and post it. I, TOO, forgot to photograph what I sent out or I should say my DH SENT out. He was trying to do me a favor and sealed it not realizing I had not yet take the photo. I'm waiting on the person I sent mine to take a picture and e-mail it to me so that I can put it in my journal and on my website.

Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Gotta run and learn lines for the play I'm in AND get the potato donuts made for DH. I make them once a year as they are very labor intense.


I will photo your wonderful work of art and send to BB and to you.  Sorry I did not get it done sooner!!

Thank you so much, I was so worried it wouldn't get there in time. I am getting addicted to those inktense pencils. They are wonderful.

The picture of the cardinal is from Morgue files. I had them printed out and put in frames. I love them as well. I have never heard of Potato donuts before they sound wonderful and yummy.

Aaahhh! Packaging with attitude!  Can't wait to see it.  Of course, if I can't actually open it..........!

I was going for "not too Christmas-y" so that if you get it late you could maybe leave it hanging up longer! ; )


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