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Cindy and I have decided on a topic.


Post card size. thread Painting . On Fabic or painted background or all over thread painting,

Finish Date September 1st.

This giving time for those that go on holiday or are busy in the summer months or those having other commitments, a longer closing date.

Paired partners.

Sign up by July 10th.

CINDY ". ". PC to GWEN

I would be grateful if you could contact by PM your partner for their mailing address. Also when you have finished your PC could you email me your photo of PC so I can try and do a slide show at the end.
AlsoPLEASE don't panick if life gets in the way of finish date but please let me know.

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Wellllll, I got a nudge, so I guess I'm in too ; D

The Seaside is a great one; I have some great photos when I was in FL with my daughter (and got to be with Brenda too!) of the beach... I've been wanting to do a photo or two in TP, so this is the perfect opportunity ; D

Gwen I put your name up above on the DF but I apologize if I have got your surname wrong.

correct, Ally ;)

Great Gwen glad to see you taking part. I'm thinking I would like to Create a scene from going to the sea side when we were kids.
I will put your name up in the DF above
For anyone else thinking of joining us the closing to finish won't be until Sept 1st so no rush.
But you have until July 10th to jump on board and have fun, 4 more days until sign up closes.
This should be a fun piece and not a large undertaking, so the ones who have not done much TP or absolutely none but want to give it a try this is the idea size to start with or the more experience can be as elaborate as they wish.
For those who have never done a post card there are many tutorials on You Tube.

Have fun everyone. I'm sure I'll kick myself for not joining in on this one, but life has been super crazy and I need to not have a deadline ... even if it is September ... looming over me. I'm rooting for you all and am anxious to see your artwork.

Thanks BJ for your support, I know exactly what you mean. I was like that on one earlier in the year when we were moving. We'll be glad to have you cheering us on the side lines.
Sign up for the Thread Painting Postcard is now close.
We have 8 gals signed up which is a very good number. I will give you your partners in case you particularly want to make for your partners taste but you can do what ever.
I will put it in the above forum.
Have fun. I have two ideas so this gives you plenty of time to decide.

Alright, now we're cooking. Cindy, you're now in Oak Harbor, right? If so, then I think I have your new address. If not, you can email it to me.

That is the right one, Terri. This should be fun! I have a couple ideas floating around as well.

Gwen, I think you may have a new address since I last sent to you. You can pm me whenever you get a chance. No hurry as it will be a while before I can get mine made and ready to send.

Have fun ladies. Maybe next time I will join you - all that thread! 

Hope all is going well with you Sandy and that you are recovering from your precedure. There will be others swaps I am sure, but sometimes things happen and we have to sit out sometimes and watch on the sidelines. Was only looking at the TP postcard you swapped with me and notice you had it on your avatar on FB. I want to display some of my swaps when I have my sewing studio up and running. I treasure that little postcard along with some others I have.

Thank you Ally. I am getting there but it is slow. Those poor mums that had to have an episiotomy when giving birth - now I know what they went through, just mine is a lot longer. I must find my TP postcards - packed away when we got the house painted last year. Hope the studio comes quickly for you.


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