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Cindy and I have decided on a topic.


Post card size. thread Painting . On Fabic or painted background or all over thread painting,

Finish Date September 1st.

This giving time for those that go on holiday or are busy in the summer months or those having other commitments, a longer closing date.

Paired partners.

Sign up by July 10th.

CINDY ". ". PC to GWEN

I would be grateful if you could contact by PM your partner for their mailing address. Also when you have finished your PC could you email me your photo of PC so I can try and do a slide show at the end.
AlsoPLEASE don't panick if life gets in the way of finish date but please let me know.

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I can't wait to see it.  ;o)

Yippee, mine is finished and will send it off to Gwen one day this week. Ally I just emailed a photo to you. Took advantage of the kids being gone to sneak in some stitching time. I had not realized just how exhausted I have gotten over the past few weeks. My creativity has taken a hit as well not to mention my stamina. Being in the mid sixties just isn't meant for having a three year old 24/7. But, this too shall pass and we will treasure the time we've had with her. She's a very sweet child and is thriving. 

Cindy received your pic and was able to download it this morning. Last night I was tired, didn't know what Inwas doing wrong it just wouldn't download. It is lovely I am sure Gwen will love it. Maybe you can share the technique you used when this swap is over would love to try this on a background.shh!! Won't say anymore!
We are really doing well this time, a few weeks to go yet for those that haven't finished, but when you do could you email me a pic before you pop it in the mail to your partner. etchedinthread@gmail.com So far the ones that have come in are all different.

Hi Ally and everyone else!! I'm really struggling to get this one done... as in... NOT even started.  I'm going to send Brenda a 'down by the sea' picture I did quite a few years ago.  You all may have seen it before, so you won't be surprised when you see it again.  It is NOT post card sized and I know it is cheating, but at least it will be something in return rather than pulling out completetly.  PLEASE forgive me and PLEASE yell at me REALLLY LOUDLY next time you see me tempted to join in a group swap in the future. I'm not to be trusted!!! :) :) 

BB this happens to all of us the days when we just can't get our artistic juices flowing because life get hectic at times, we I am sure perfectly understand. Glad you are not pulling out completely so everyone ends up with a lovely piece of partners work. PLESE don't feel bad and I promise we won't shout. This is suppose to be fun. When things settle down for you I am sure your feelings for TP will return.
Brenda piece arrived yesterday it is so beautiful and the colours so vibrate.
My laptop is still under construction so hope my DD will help me out to post the pics on here when all is in.

woohoo! Got mine in the mail today to BB .. ; D

I got a sneak peek of it -- pretty neat! :)

Gwen pic has arrived, BB will just love it.
I can't believe this swap is doing so well, I think we just have Terri's to come, but I am sure she is working on it. We knew she would do it when she got back from her hols. Still 2 weeks to go Terri so please don't panic.
I have really enjoyed hosting this swap, it has really encouraged me to get down to my sewing room and create.

Today I have been finishing 4 brooches that are thread painting for the up coming sale in Nov. quite pleased with how they have turned out, just have to sew on the pin by hand. Seeing I can't post on this site but I think I will post on my own site and will let you know when I do so you can have a peek at them.

I have finished mine and will get it out in the mail to Cindy by Monday, at the latest. This was a fun swap and can't wait to see what everyone created. Ally, will get the picture off to you in just a few.

Gwen, your PC was sent off today. Should arrive first few days of next week. Got home and see I forgot the note card that was meant to be enclosed. Lately if my head wasn't attached I would probably forget it too. Just a tad bit hectic around here. But as it's said, this too shall pass.

Thanks Cindy!  I'll be watching for it ; ) 

I got my TP in the mail yesterday, and what a treat!  I would say most of it is all TP...what a wonderful piece that Cindy did, Thank you, Cindy!


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