Quilt With Us

Due to be posted out at the end of May,  a 4 inch by 6 inch post card on any subject you choose.

Comment below and I will add your name here.  We will leave it open for anyone to join in until May 14th, then I will select pairs to swap between each other.  If we get an odd number I will send mine to someone who couldn't join in this time round.

Swap partners for the swap are -

Linda H and BB

CQ and Sandy

Diana and Gwen

Diane and Brenda

Denise and Ally

Karen and Charlotte

BJ and Gloria

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I hear you Charlotte, it is already a bit daunting having nothing to narrow down the topic, so know your partner would be at least a start.

Well, we have and nice even 14 on our list so far.  I will randomly select pairs and if anyone else wants to join in, I will make an extra one. 

So here goes... in order of how we 'signed up',  we will make a post card for the person we will recieve one from.

Gloria and BJ

Linda H and BB

CQ and Sandy

Diana and Gwen

Diane and Brenda

Denise and Ally

Karen and Charlotte

I will add this list the the main page of the DF up the top there.

When are we "allowed" to send to our partners?  Once we have made ours, or do we need to know they have done theirs?

BJ, are you done already?!!!

I can honestly say it is not done (perhaps close, but not done).  My excuse reason.... next week I start taking apart my sewing room so we can paint it.  

I think you could send it as soon as yours is finished.  That will either excite your partner to finish hers or scare her into 'painters block'!  If noone else has any objections, post away as soon as you are ready and the recipeint can post a picture on here when she recieves it.  Happy painting BJ.

oh, this is going to be fun - can we ask the recipient about some of their likes? 

I think interrorgation of your recipient is optional. :)


Very funny BB. Here I am ready to hit the garden - well get out the trimming equipment and you scare me with a sewing challenge! LOL 
I am looking forward to sending you something CQ - when I start and finish it!! 

DS came to diner last night and left at 11pm - must be a long weekend here!

Has your DH relaxed yet BB and gotten into school break mode? MY SIL and her DH are trying out their new camper van/motor home this school break.

Ha Ha! Funny Sandy!  Hubby said lets go to Phillip Island overnight Thursday/Friday. Then remembered he had to meet a new student teacher at school on Thursday afternoon and has a meeting in the evening.  Err..... we may just leave early Friday am and spend the day. So much for winding down.  He is trying to get the reporting system under control again.  So he is at school wrangling with computers as usual.  :)

Isn't it amazing how teachers have an easy job - only 8.30 to 3.00 or 3.30 pm and 10 weeks break!!!


No rain here but I heard it pour last night when I was speaking to Mum on the phone. Well I hope he does have a wind down and you have a change of place at least for a day.

Hi Diane.....we are swap partners.....I like everything!  Please make something that you like.  Liking the theme or color you are working with will make it more enjoyable for you...what ever your passion is...go for it!  When I look at your artwork I want to think that it says something about you.....   :)


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