Quilt With Us

Due to be posted out at the end of May,  a 4 inch by 6 inch post card on any subject you choose.

Comment below and I will add your name here.  We will leave it open for anyone to join in until May 14th, then I will select pairs to swap between each other.  If we get an odd number I will send mine to someone who couldn't join in this time round.

Swap partners for the swap are -

Linda H and BB

CQ and Sandy

Diana and Gwen

Diane and Brenda

Denise and Ally

Karen and Charlotte

BJ and Gloria

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Okay, 'fess up! How did you lose the weight and how long did it take?! I'm where you were and I can't get below 202 (and that's just losing water weight!!). I know exactly what you're saying about less weight on your bones causing less pain. And to paraphrase the old phrase about riches, "I've been fat and I've been thin, and thin is better!"  I've gained my weight over many years, mostly due to menopause and a slower metabolism. (Of course driving everywhere instead of walking has it's affect, too! LOL) Any ideas of yours would be greatly appreciated! (I do realize that when you're as busy as you always seem to be, there's no time to go past the fridge with a spoon or fork in your hand! LOL)

LOL Charlotte, my doctor told me that you can't build an apartment on a house foundation!  ps...he's fat too...go figure!

What a saying! LOL

 I met you in person and neither the word "fat" nor "round" ever entered my mind. You said something about always having been round ( I think that was how you put it) and I was surprised. I only saw your laughing or smiling face, nothing else. (After all, that's what friends are for, right? LOL)   And I must say, for the benefit of all our friends on here who haven't met you, none of your photos on here do you justice! They just don't capture that laughing, happy, FUN personality that showed on your face the entire time I spent with you! It makes me happy just to think about it. : D

That's how I picture you, too, Charlotte -- smiling and laughing!

Charlotte, I was stuck at 202 for the longest and now 215!  I had to take mega doses of steroids for my shingles and I am like a football player.  I have never weighed this much, ever.  It went up to 220!  My Dh loves to buy me clothing and he has a closet full of items in his closet, at work.  I refuse to go in and try anything on until I get back to my 202.  I told him that I refuse to allow him to purchase a larger size. 

My issue is that I do NOT eat.  I can go all day and not open the refrigerator, unless I am getting water or now drinking Dr Oz's green tea metabolic boosting drinks.  I am told that skipping meals is causing my body to hibernate, thinking that I am starving and it is STORING fat and going right into my tummy!  I do not like eating and it is difficult to eat when I am not hungry.  I am finally 7 months "peri-menopausal".  I just starting exercising (a little)  and the weight is finally coming off.  It is 2pm and I have had only a half a cup of tea.  Sad......Eating Disorder?

I feel your pain! I know you have to "eat to lose" and the hardest thing I have to do is eat breakfast. I'm just not an "eat when I get up" person. Both my DH and my oldest son are big on breakfast, but the other three of us would probably just get by on coffee for the firsl four hours of our day!

Have you had your thyroid checked, Madam Nurse? My lovely DIL Jen found out last year that she has one of those thyroid "things" that keep her from losing weight no matter what she does or how much she exercises. She's now on meds and can finally lose the weight she gained after Henry was born. I have nodules on one of my thyroid lobes, but , alas, can't blame the weight on them, the little stinkers! lol

Time to get moving! I'll get on my treadmill this week. : )

Diana, there is an Australian book written by food scientists called the CSIRO Total Well Being diet which is really logical and states we all need to eat protein to kick start our metabolism. As we age our metabolism slows down and we feel tired because of this and as you say our bodies go into starvation mode. How are your vitamin D levels? - another side effect of menopause - slow uptake.

Plus - (this is the worst) just look at your Mum and Grandma. Our genes do have an effect. But life is for living too so get out there and just do ( like you do).

Have you thought about making  a light salad (with a bit of low fat protein) in the mornings for your lunch later in the day?

I will see if I can photocopy some pages from the book and post it to you. My problem is the glass of wine my DH loves to have with dinner - all sugars!! He is lean!! wouldn't you know it!! LOL Plus has good feet and knees!!

Brenda - doctors are good at that and congratulations.

Ugh! I'm married to a naturally lean guy, too! He played soccer in both High School and college and still seems to have the same metabolism! He eats the calories and I gain the weight! LOL

Mine is out running at the moment - not bad for a 65 year old!! He has been running since about 16 - but does not run marathons now.

But he loves my cooking and makes our lunch salads nearly every morning. He definitely is a keeper. LOL

Mine was lean when I met him, but that was 42 years ago and lean is what he does against the wall - LOL.  My dad was very heavy and I swore I would only be heavy when I was pregnant... so what's my excuse now? I don't look near as heavy as the scale says I am, but I do (in my defense) have very large bones, even if I am only 5'6".

Charlotte, my husband has only been over his ideal weight 2-3 times in our life time.  Twice when her had knee surgeries and when he has his recent shoulder surgery.  He was 10 pounds heavier.  It took him a week to get it off.

Two days ago, he tried on his wedding tuxedo and it was a little but looser in the chest area.  He is just beginning to get his chest muscles back since his surgery.  I told him that we no longer "match".  He has a roly poly wife, now.  He said that I just began my exercises and eating and I will lose it.  He loves me whether I am fat or not.  I feel fat, so I am finally getting this weight off.

Sandy, I will ask my doctor to check my Vit D level.   I will be considered in menopause in August, which would make it one year, after menses.  I believe that it is also a factor on my weight gain.  I also sit all day. 

Thanks, Sandy.

My Dh makes me salads almost everyday and it goes uneaten.  I may try and force it down about 5-6pm, before he comes home. 

Charlotte, I have had my thyroid checked 2-3 times.  Each time it shows a low thyroid and when I get it rechecked it is normal.  My mom had an under active thyroid.

We also have a glass wine  with dinner.  The doctor says that it is okay for one glass for me and two for DH.  I consume under 600 calories in a day. 


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