Quilt With Us

Due to be posted out at the end of May,  a 4 inch by 6 inch post card on any subject you choose.

Comment below and I will add your name here.  We will leave it open for anyone to join in until May 14th, then I will select pairs to swap between each other.  If we get an odd number I will send mine to someone who couldn't join in this time round.

Swap partners for the swap are -

Linda H and BB

CQ and Sandy

Diana and Gwen

Diane and Brenda

Denise and Ally

Karen and Charlotte

BJ and Gloria

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Relax and enjoy you hard work!  No hurry, just some are going out to their new homes as and when they are done.

This is my postcard to Gwen.  I had a really hard time with thread nesting issues.  I was cutting out chunks of the brown thread from the back of the fabric.  I was trying to fill in the girl's hair with stitches.  When I looked down at the mess of the pile of threads, it looked like tangled hair.  I used that mess and zig zag stitched her hair do!  She is an aceo that is attached to the postcard.  The hand is me presenting it to Gwen.

The hair looks like you planned it this way. It's great. I love your idea and incorporating an ACEO into it. Good job my friend.

BJ, I was fighting with my machine and would not let it win.  She is not a cute lady because I could not stitch her with accuracy.  Thank you, BJ.

Diana, I love your postcard.....what a great way to turn it around.....

Thank you, Brenda. 

Well done Diana - like you sketched it - great.

Sandy, I felt like I was sketching and I like that method of "threradpainting".  If only I can get my machine to run smoothly, I could be more exact on my "sketches".  Thank you.

Well done Diana.  See, I TOLD you you could do it!  What a great idea with the ACEO and PC together. You will get the tension issues sorted out when you have time to play around more with it.  I'd say as it it a human hand holding a human, it STILL comes under our UNOFFICAL nature theme!

BB, thanks so much!  Yes, I wanted Gwen to have both a postcard and an aceo.  The inspiration came from a photo of someone holding an Iphone.  I thought that an aceo would be just perfect.  Yes, I suppose that a human is "nature", too!  LOL!  I do need to play around with the machine, but I was so frustrated and HAD to do this on the machine.

When I agreed to join in with the swap, my machine was packed away and hiding.  I began with a hand stitched piece of a gecko and wondered if that would be called thread painting.  I was not sure if I had to use my sewing machine.  I think that what it would be called hand embroidery.  Luckily, I found my finicky machine to do the best that I could.  The" lady" has an attitude and so did I when I was making her.  LOL!

Diana, there is a whole world of thread painting by hand.  If you google it you will find beautiful examples.  I'm just too impatient for hand embroidery (although I do love smocking). 

BB, the only reason that I began with the hand stitching is because my machine was packed away and hiding.  It is good to know that hand stitching can also be called thread painting.  I was watching TV with DH and really wanted to get something made to send to Gwen.  I will finish the gecko and show it when I am finished.  I will Google and see what others are doing.  It was really soothing to do the hand stitches.  I had just purchased a nice supply of DMC embroidery threads from the thrift store and wanted to try using them. 


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