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My photos haven't turned out as detailed as I would have liked, but I'm hoping you can see the process of adding thread painting lines. 

This is just a demo on how I liked to do the peacock feather, you could have more gaps between the thread lines and let the background show through, it is just personal preference.  Also, this small one is different to the large one I did, because I use the original photo to give me the size, shape and colour as a reference and I fill in the details with my own ideas and what looks best to me so it isn't a carbon copy of the original.

It's hard to describe blending the colous/shades and the photos don't show it very well, but just think when you have a highlight/bright colour thread in your machine, run it through amongst the other threads at random to give glints of bright aqua amongst the dark blue, bright green amongst the browns etc.

Great show of how you did it BB - thank you so much. I now understand what you mean. I was concerned about the number of lines of thread - i.e. how dense it would be. 

Can;t wait to have a go.But I have to.Maybe tomorrow when there are no Grands expected.

I think part of my problem was trying to sew and fill an area instead of laying down outlines etc.Thanks for this BB.

Great demo - thanks!

Awesome demo, Barbara. You've really made it seem doable for a novice!

Great demo Barbara. You really explained a lot with the demo and makes desired end results seem easier to obtain. Thanks!

BB. Thanks for taking the time to do the slideshow, I will certainly give it a try. You make it sound that it is doable  I never actually trace the outline now I can see how you do it. Thanks for sharing.


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