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Let me know if you want to be added to the list. 

OK!....So the theme is a character or scene that depicts a favourite childrens story.  It dosn't have to be 'word wide popular' like Alice in Wonderland, but it would be nice to share the story with everyone so we can see how the PC relates. 

Basic 6" x 4" postcard - thread painted as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.  We have 9 on the list so far and I will decide who sends to who nearer the end of March.  Due to be posted out by the end of APRIL.

Linda H

Barb Blackwell

Charlotte G








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So hope I can get in the groove with this. The Pfaff machine I bought last year has never sewn properly unless straight stitch with the thread just about on the other side of the room. with tension issues so I have yet to try it with thread painting.My wonderful hubby took it apart the other week and found a pin hanging out which he thinks will have been like that since new.On the tension area too.So we will see.

Linda, I have a Pfaff 2144 (software upgraded to 2170), that is as tempermental as the day is long, but I TP with it.  I do have to use bobbin washers in order to accomplish it, though.  Also, I can't move the machine, or it freaks out, dropping the presser foot off as well as the shaft, exploding the needle, followed by freezing the main motor.  My DH has a broadsword, which I frequently am tempted to use.  lol

I just love making suggestions on here, going to bed, and checking in the morning to find out I've signed up for something! LOL

(I'm still working in my January 12X12, but I'm supposed to send Gwen  photo of it as it is and then send her another when I actually finish the thing! What's one more project when I have several going at once?! lol)

Woops!  Sorry Charlotte - you can be UNsigned. I shouldn't have assumed.

Just try to get me out of this one!  I need the distraction right about now! ; D

Oh Goodie.  We've got you hooked!

Okay, I'll jump in on this one too. :D

Oh me, me, me!

I might be in - depends on the deadline.  End of February?  Start it then or that's when it's due?  I'd love to play, but won't be home for a few more weekends.

There is no dead line yet.  Just thinking up ideas until the end of February!  I'm trying to get motivated, so there will DEFINITLEY NOT be any pressure to finish.

Whoo-hoo! We're growing! Glad you're in on this one, BJ and Denise (you addict! lol).

Karen, not the end of February to finish, but to get an idea of what we'll do. It would be great if you can join us on this one! : )


I'm in!


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