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Let me know if you want to be added to the list. 

OK!....So the theme is a character or scene that depicts a favourite childrens story.  It dosn't have to be 'word wide popular' like Alice in Wonderland, but it would be nice to share the story with everyone so we can see how the PC relates. 

Basic 6" x 4" postcard - thread painted as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.  We have 9 on the list so far and I will decide who sends to who nearer the end of March.  Due to be posted out by the end of APRIL.

Linda H

Barb Blackwell

Charlotte G








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Hawaii Terri! Seriously. Hmmm,  I will be thinking about you (longinly) while we go off to Longview, WA week from now to look for retirement home. Hey, it's a little more south from where we're at now, but certainly not the tropics.

 I have an idea for something from one of Adam's books. I wonder if he'll let me use one of his  illustrations? I can always threaten him with no more apple pie... LOL

I did think you would have a special connection for this theme Charlotte.  :)

BB, this is REALLY tempting even though I've never done a PC before.  But I'm too backed up at the moment with projects to join in this time.  Maybe later this year...

No problem CW.  We seem to all be busy or stuck in a 'fug'.  This is only for those who have time and inclination or need a shake up from doing NOTHING creative - ie ME!!!!

I have my idea too. :D

When we go, we've already lined up a home to look at. It's on 6 acres in the mountains of Hilo, has an ocean view, and two stories. Upper level has living areas with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, livingroom, dining room, very large kitchen and deck that wraps around the upper level. The lower level (which would become my studio) has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, kitchen, living/dining and wrap around deck. Also includes 2 car garage and all kinds of flowering plants, fruit trees and, I believe, a Koi pond!

Once we are situated and have actually settled into a home, all would be welcomed to visit. We could have a wonderful Lau with drinks on the Lanai (Hawaiian for deck).

Hmmm, is there a book called Alice in Paradise or Hawaiian Land?? Will have to think of a character, other than my hubby, to do a PC on.

Until later!

You could quickly write a book, I'm sure Terri!   The house you are going to look at sounds like a great set up and wonderful area with all that land. Wow!  

WOWIE, Terri. Sounds marvelous. There is a little girl that was featured in a movie and book called 'Lilo & Stitch' and is set in Hawaii. Lilo is the little girl who loves to surf. Stitch is her mischievous side kick that is some sort of alien creature. Came out when my DD was little. It is a cute book.

I remember the movie. Never watched it but would often see trailers for it. Will have to see if my granddaughters have the book. I think that would be a very appropriate PC to do. LOL.  Thanks for the idea Cindy!

I have decided on what I will do. It will be based on H.G. Wells' book "First Men in the Moon." Hopefully I can get it to all come together. Size is 6x4 if I'm not mistaken, so now to get started on it!

Yes Terri!  I was thinking this morning that the size of the card is a bit small for the size of the topic! I'm a bit daunted by how much I can convey on a 6x4 card!  :/


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