Quilt With Us

This will not be a swap with partners this time as the theme is a personal one to you and probably be a keepsake that you wish to treasure.


  " A Personal Childhood Memory."

Not many rules.

You have from now until July 1st to get your piece finished.

The piece will have with it a short paragraph of what the piece means to you, no names as the one judging will only know by a letter I assign.  It must have THREAD PAINTING on, but it can also have mixed media and be no larger than 12 x 12

If you have any questions please ask away.

I will put people names up when they let me know if they are interested.

I know some already have but hopefully they won't change their minds when they read this.

Ally Bryant.





Please let me know if I have missed someone as I don't have the screen up of TP and I am sure there was others. I will go back in and add.

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Time to celebrate! Yippee, mine is finished and will send a photo off to you in the morning, Ally. (Along with my write up ) Just gotta give it a quick steam to get out the hoop marks. Can't wait.to see the rest.

Hooray Cindy!

Thanks Cindy I will look for it on my email. Can you send the write up as a file.
Has anyone heard from Gwen? I am sure she is busy and with the house.
Looks like there will 5-6 of taking part, some have had to drop out as life does get in the way sometimes.
I have found this a fun project and a nice keepsake for me hope it does for you too.
Ally, I sent mine to you. Couldn't do the write up in a file as we are having computer problems. I do my posting on ny android phone. Let me know if you received the email with attached photo.

Can't wait to see all the finished designs. Wish I could have completed mine, perhaps next time.

That's the neat thing ... we do have "next times". :)
Terri you could alway complete yours and post on here at a later date.
I think Gwen is going to do that at her leisure as at the moment she is packed and will be moving shortly, but does have her memory sketched out to do.
Everyone anywhere are keeping our own.
For all those they have got the email from me with there letter will watch the pages here when BB will let us know who she has chosen.
I promise I will do an smilebox on my return from UK in Sept.

Ok Drum roll please!!..................................... and the winner is...................................................... the entry labelled A and the second place goes to the entry labelled E. 

I loved everyone of them and the memories that went with them.  Such a variety and probably not fair to judge them against each other as they are all winners for content, execution and most importantly they are all great memories for each of you. 

I'm so glad you are all doing SOMETHING!!! I'm still faffing about avoiding thread painting or any other form of sewing other than work.  I have a nice tidy room to work in though, so when the moment hits I'll have no excuse than to just do it!!!

Oh WOW! Never expected that.  What fun.

Congrats BJ!  Can't wait to see all of our art...

Congrats to you too. Yes, I am anxious to see them all too.

So was your the one labelled E, Brenda?


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