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This will not be a swap with partners this time as the theme is a personal one to you and probably be a keepsake that you wish to treasure.


  " A Personal Childhood Memory."

Not many rules.

You have from now until July 1st to get your piece finished.

The piece will have with it a short paragraph of what the piece means to you, no names as the one judging will only know by a letter I assign.  It must have THREAD PAINTING on, but it can also have mixed media and be no larger than 12 x 12

If you have any questions please ask away.

I will put people names up when they let me know if they are interested.

I know some already have but hopefully they won't change their minds when they read this.

Ally Bryant.





Please let me know if I have missed someone as I don't have the screen up of TP and I am sure there was others. I will go back in and add.

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First Place winner BJ.

Childhood Memory. My Bike.

Although there are many memories from childhood, what I keep going back to when I think of my growing up years is riding a bike.  My bike was like my friend.  We moved a lot when I was growing up, so houses and towns and schools and friends all changed, but a constant was my bike - taking me to all sorts of places and adventures.

I learned to ride on a small bike that I believe was "everyone's bike".  I do not recall it belonging to any one of us kids(I am the youngest of four).  I didn't have training wheels, just kept working at it until I could get my balance and pedal and stop without falling off.  There were plenty of skinned knees, but I was determined to learn to ride.  The next year for my birthday that year my grandparents sent me a used bike.  It was a boys bike and was gold in colour. I do recall that I had done something that apparently warranted discipline, so I was not allowed to rid it for two weeks.  sigh

My gold bike was a large bike,  but I didn't let that stop me from riding.  I was so pleased to have my very own bike and would ride it to my friend's house, or to the park, or just on the street in front of our house.

Several years later I received my next bike - the blue Schwinn that had been my older brother's bike.  I was on it about every chance I could get.  Some days my best friend Sally and I would ride in search of dinosaur bones.  Others times we'd ride to China Creek which went through town, and explore there.  We'd ride up into the hills, across town, or wherever our imaginations would take us.  For a long ride I would ride to Fort Borst Park, usually taking a lunch with me.  It was several miles away.  I recall a few times I tried to carry my tenor saxophone on my bike - now that was a challenge as it was big and bulky.

I had the Blue Schwinn until my junior year of High School. I was working at a Taco and I saved up my earnings to buy my first brand new bike, and yes, it was another boys bike configuration.  It was a 10 speed - really "up town". I enjoyed that bike for many years until due to health reasons I could no longer ride a bike.

Around 2006, I believe, my legs improved enough where I could ride again.  I did some research and found some bikes that were easier on the knees.  A local shop had just what I was looking forand this time I got my first "girls" bike. I don't ride as much now as I'd like, but when I do it takes me back to my childhood  and the feeling of joy and happiness and 'ahhhh' that I have every time I am on my bike.  It's a hard feeling to describe, I feel so happy through every pore of my body.

I plan to ride as long as my legs will allow, then I will enjoy all the memories I am storing up of my adventures on my bike.

Second Place Winner


Childhood Memory The Back door.

The write up for Brenda piece is on the back of her quilt. Sorry this is out of alignment show have shown with her piece. LOL.

Linda H.

Childhood Memories by Cindy.

Growing up we lived on a small farm. Our favorite place to play was the barn.  We would lock the cows in the field so they wouldn't be in the way and then spend the afternoon playing hide and seek, climbing all over the place.  We loved to use the hay loft rope system (used for getting the hay up there for storage) as our personal swing.  How we never got hurt is beyond me. Jumping out of the loft while sitting on the 'makeshift' seat, to never hit the side of the barn is something. Of course we had one person as the 'spotter' to help guide our path, but what could one child do when you think back on it.  But survive we did. I also loved seeing my mom's beautiful flowers every summer. Rows and rows of dahlias along with numerous others was a sight to behold.  I stitched in a few flowers as a reminder of my dear mother.

Childhood Memories by Ally.

One of the things our family did was have a yearly holiday, where we could visit new places and have family togetherness away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sometimes we camped and sometimes we went to a boarding house or bed and breakfast place.  Sometimes we visited with relatives.

This particular scene is when we first made our trip to see our relatives that Dad hadn't seen since he was a boy of nine.

We often took picnic lunches and stopped at places of interest on the way to our destination, this was a scene after we had finished our lunch and had a few crusts to feed to the wild but friendly sheep.  The scenery was spectacular the heather and gorse was in bloom and the day was sunny but breezy.  As city kids this was quite the novelty having sheep this close to us.

Seeing this picture brings back happy memories of family times together.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated it was a fun challenge for me hope it was for you and what a nice keepsake we have to treasure.

Thank you, thank you BB for being the judge over this contest hope you enjoyed looking at the pieces we all created. Now the little write ups will make more sense to you.

I do apologize for keeping you all waiting. As you all know computers is not my thing!!! Couldn't do a smilebox I think it has something to do with my old email address so have to look into this. Also didn't know how to convert files with writing. So I guess my copy typing came in handy as I typed all the write up out.


Just a note if you want a clearer look just click on the pic to enlarge.

Thanks Ally. It is great seeing everyone's memory. What fun.

Thanks Ally...It was a challenge for me....because we got to keep our pieces I wanted to create something really meaningful to me.  The Cellar Door isn't fancy but the memories of my Grandaddy trying to convince me that there was nothing down there in the cellar that would hurt me are precious.  He was patient and loving and truly understood that I was afraid......i'll always remember how caring he was.  Thanks..... I love everyones childhood memory.  It was just what I needed to get me back behind a machine again...

Glad it helped Brenda, hope to see more of your creations, you have a lovely sewing studio to work in.

What a wonderful memory you have of your grandfather.  My mother's parents died when I was in first grade and I have a few memories of them, all of which are good. My other grandparents I cannot say the same about. I love when people have wonderful memories of their grandparents.


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