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Well I do have a couple of unfinished blocks,  will have to find them, this group looked very interesting and i took the plunge and joined after July I know, There may not be anymore UF blocks now, but thought I would give it a try

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HI Hope 

this is turning out to be a lot of fun - I have made the swap list up already but some of us have extra blocks to swap (how did that happen? LOL)  I will canvas the group members and see if I can arrange a swap for you before I open up the next swap


thank you so much, I did ask cindy, but as per the rules i guess, do we just send a unfinsihed block are do we send the fabric i had cut to do it and the instructions, is that how we do it , this is a new swap for me, never did this , jsut  artist trading cards on another site, nad now this one as well, along with other groups , it is so good to have mroe to join and love all the friends a i am making , as soon as figure out the site a git mroe , i will be able to shoe more of what i do,nad get in and out of places faster, 

Hi Hope 

the instructions are in the box on the UFO Block Swap - what you should be sending is a completed block, not the fabric & instructions to cut it - but if Cindy is OK with that, I am too -


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