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My husband's aunt was moving to Fl. to be near her son . I was there to help them pack up for the trip. She sent me out to the garage to get something there when I noticed some quilts laying on the floor. Of course I had to ask her about them. She said she was going to throw them away. I asked her if I could have them and she said "those old things?" I said yes "those old things". She told me her husband's mother had made them but she didn't know how old they were. His mother had died at least 40 years ago. I was thrilled with my find.

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Oh wow! What a wonderful gift she gave you! (Even if she didn't realize it was a gift!) The DWR looks like it is in great shape! Thanks for sharing your pictures.
You just never know what some people are willing to part with.

I have to share with you all, this is how my husband "lured me" into a relationship with him (all these many years ago). He called me to ask if I'd like to see his grandmother's quilts. Somehow he knew that I was a quilter. What a crafty guy - and as they say, the rest is history. And we still have those quilts. I would never part with them even though she was long gone before I ever came into the picture.

But getting back to yours, I'm so glad you just happened to be there at the right time to rescue them. Heaven knows what would have happened. Especially the double wedding ring - but even the other two - the color is still so vibrant. Do you have any special plans for them? Thanks so much for showing them off. Joyce B
Oh my! Imagine anyone throwing out these beauties. They are fantastic....imagine all the work that went into them.....I hope no one every throws out the quilts I have made....just the thought of it makes me want to cry. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!
I especially like the double wedding ring one. That pink is beautiful! It seems that pink was a very popular colour back then.
Thanks so much for sharing.....treasure those special quilts!

Wow, what beautiful examples of past history. I'm so glad that you were there to rescue the quilts. The DWR looks in great shape. I'm uploading a pic of a quilt that we found folded and put under some chair cushions when we were going through my MIL's estate. I know nothing about it - not sure if it was one of her's or if it has a family history. Really wish I could have found it before she passed. I'm sure she felt it was far too worn or she would have never put it in the chair. . . and the chair may have come from another relative and she didn't know it was there. Anyway I have it now. :)
WOW....this is sure an example of using the little bits that you had. I'm trying to figure out the pattern. It looks like a Lonestar in the centre but it's hard to make out the rest, with all the colours going on. Is the back a solid colour? I'd love to see the hand quilting pattern.
In this month's issue of Fons and Porter there is a collection of 'assorted' quilts' in the vintage section. It's worth checking out.
What a find, lucky you!
I "rescued" several antique quilts from a closet shelf when my Mom (the one who taught me how to quilt) passed away. Mostly, I rescued them from her cat who had turned them into a cat bed. Some of the quilts were in plastic bags, others wrapped in sheets but the quilts had gotten exposed. I took them to the appraiser--most of them are circa 1900-1940, but one is 1860s! I've been able to track down the maker of the 1860s quilt--my great-great-grandmother (maybe another great in there). One of the 1940s quilt is my great-grandmother. Not sure who the others are done by. But they're sure making me want to step up the game in my own quilting skills! Also a couple of pieced tops--one I'm going to leave alone because it's made from feedsacks so the interesting part is the back. The other I may finish at some point.
Wow--beautiful quilts, Sandra--thanks for sharing them with us.
Beautiful quilts. The second one reminds me of a Nancy Cabot tulip block.
I've been looking for information about where the patterns may have come from--I looked up "Nancy Cabot tulip block" in Google and didn't come up with much. Any help? I'd like to explore that possibility!
The tulip block was featured in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Love of Quilting magazine as a reproduction of an old block with modern fabrics. Here's a link to their shop page for a kit with the picture: http://www.shopfonsandporter.com/productdetail/JF%20TULIPS.htm

I searched for it there because I couldn't remember the picture and issue accurately. You might be able to find the magazine at your local library. It probably has the information on where the block originally came from. I'm afraid I pass on old issues to a friend (who passes it on to her sister) so I can't look it up for you.

What a treasure trove you found! Thanks for sharing.
I had that issue of the magazine as well and actually sent an email to the author asking if she had any additional info about the original pattern. I think I kept the article thinking I might make it in updated fabrics at some point. It's a great block, isn't it? Very striking.
Yes, it's a beauty!


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