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How do we store our quilts?

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We have had numerous discussions on this subject. Thought we might like to gather that info together. Share our thoughts on this. What we have learned over time.
My 2 cents. I'm sure this is common knowledge for everyone, but here goes:

1. Quilts are happiest on beds. Since that is not always an option, here are a few tips I've picked up.

2. Don't store the quilts in plastic - mold or mildew issues. Acid-free tissue paper or cotton fabric (like pillowcases) are recommended.

3. Periodically refold the quilts so they don't develop permanent creases over time.

4. If you are hanging your quilt on a long horizontal quilt hanger, rotate the quilt periodically so it doesn't always have the same gravity "drag" on just one side of the quilt.

5. Long quilt hangers with the weight of the quilt evenly distributed is better than the quilt hangers that "bunch up" the quilt in on spot. (Those are the kind where the neck is narrow and the quilt top "fans" out over the top of the hanger. These are a pretty way to display a quilt, but are not great for antique quilts where the threads or fabric may become too stressed.

6. Don't display in natural sunlight. This one is hard for me, because I have a lot of windows and no window treatments (we live out in the country with no one for miles around - privacy is not an issue here).

Anyone know of anything else? (Sure doesn't take long to pick my brain, huh?) :0)
I wonder if rolling the quilts, rather than folding them, would be a good idea.
You can see in the picture I took, that I had just unfolded the quilt to take the photo....and look at the crease marks. Not good!
I have seen people roll up some quilts. They use a "tube" of acid free tissue paper wadded up as the core. My problem is I would have to have a long place to store them if they were rolled.
Have also seen programs where wadded up acid free tissue was used to cushion the folds to help alleviate the crease lines.
One is on a bed, there is one on a quilt rack and the rest I have somewhat folded and draped over the stair railing. Other than "dusting" them I try and remember to refold them/rearrange them every 3 months. They are in diffused light but not direct sunlight (still a concern for me). I did hear once that some gal uses the swimming "noodle" to roll her quilts on but I was concerned about the acid content (as I have no way to know it) and then - where would you put those?
I just inherited several antique quilts when my Mom passed away--I didn't even know she had some of them! They're family quilts--I've only been able to track the maker of a couple of them. The others I'm still researching. I did have them appraised and talked about storage with the appraiser. As I'm looking at my options, I'm wondering where I might get the best prices on archival boxes? Any thoughts?


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