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What Quiltmakers Read

Here's a great place for fellow bookworms to chat about what they're reading or have read.  Whether it be fiction or non-fiction let's here some suggestions and reviews from stitchers who like to read.

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If you could...

Started by quiltingmama. Last reply by lea May 18. 8 Replies

If you could write a book (or if you have) what would it be (genre) and why??I'm curious because I've always thought it would be fun to write a book.  :-)Continue

Favorite books to Read!!

Started by Kathy Koehler Holm. Last reply by Kathy Koehler Holm May 17. 54 Replies

Miss Read..author...Friends of Thrush, Christmas Village, Farther Afield, Over the Gate, Village .affairs,No Holly for Miss Guinn..etc.Simon Brett..author..Mrs.Pargetter, mysteriesAnn…Continue

Tags: Read, Quiltmaker's, What

Favorite Reading Books from your Children

Started by Kathy Koehler Holm. Last reply by lea May 17. 6 Replies

Tell me what books your children enjoyed hearing you read/or they read?..so I can pass on the same joy to children, reading your books to them in the school library, come Fall.

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Comment by Vilma/AR 4 hours ago

Our friend suggested DH to read.  Lee Child's A Jack Reacher book series.  So I am on the look out for them.

Comment by Vilma/AR 4 hours ago

Just got back from a road trip and was listening to Nicholas Sparks, The Longest Ride book in the car.  We had lunch in Jackson, Mississippi and did the tour of the town where the movie, The Help was film.  Going to rent both movies to watch this week.   

Comment by Kathy Koehler Holm 14 hours ago
Hi girls!..good to hear about Ann Perry..anything by her is the best!
Comment by Amanda Best 21 hours ago

Sounds like a good one, Lea! I love a good cozy mystery! 

Comment by Ellen Pearce yesterday

Lea. Hadn't heard of this series but sound like a fun read.  I checked it on amazon.  Do you need to read Vineyard before you read Betrayal?  

I reading the 3rd of Anne Perry's WW1 series.  She adds so much of the history of the period in her novels.  I really like her work.  This one is different from the Monk and Pitt series because each novel continues the search for a high-placed traitor.

Comment by lea yesterday

Picked up a PATTERN OF BETRAYAL mystery novel by Vineyard quilt mysterie author: Mae Fox ^ Amy lillard. Need to get it read, promised the book to another quitter after done..  Passing on a good book.. Busy schedule this week get started tonight hopefully, can get into story..

Comment by Ellen Pearce on Saturday

Kathy, We are going into another 60-87 degree climb.  We haven't had rain for weeks but are still enjoying the grace of winter snow.  Because we have so many different kinds of temperatures here, our clothes are adaptable with layering. Hope you get warm.  Cold exacerbates fibromyalgia, a double whammy. 

I'm reading WWl literature, previewing books for my DGS.  We are covering the hero theme in World Literature starting with the Greeks.  The hero theme is a good platform to discuss virtues, philosophy, and different cultures.   The hero theme is one of the 4 basic themes in Western literature.

Hope that everyone has some time during the long weekend to read and quilt while remembering those who have given their lives serving in the military.

Comment by Kathy Koehler Holm on Saturday
Hi All!...it is get away time for me!.,..I am at the Castle (DD's house).., it was a two fold plan..1) to take out my Winter clothes, again!! from storage....I am freezing! And 2) I need a get away rest from being DH Caretaker!..(he has Alzheimer's)...
....I am sitting in my DD sewingroom/ guest bedroom...bundled under quilts and reading with a lot of sleeping thrown in....and it is so peaceful here!,
....I brought a pile of books with me...a good Fern Michael's book.called Hokus Pokus...it is a first one for me...our Senior Apt house a big library...so, here I am!..
.....I am still reading my Father Brown mysteries ...crazy but good!
Comment by Janet/MO on Friday

While I do find Nicholas Sparks' book usually have a sad ending, they also make a person stop & think about how you should treat the people in your life while they are here.  So often we take loved ones for granted until it is too late.  They also make you think about being willing to take risks in your life.  So often people are very unhappy, but are afraid to try something new or visit another part of the world when they would be much happier in life if they did just that.  

Right now I'm reading "Grey Mountain" by John Grisham.  It is about how the coal companies have literally destroyed parts of the country and the damage it has done to the families who live there.  Another intense subject matter, but one that should be dealt with.  

Comment by Amanda Best on Friday

Welcome to the group!

Our weather has been odd here lately as well. Just a strange spring all over the country I guess!

Oh my, if the Nicholas Spark's novels have such sad endings I don't think I want to read them. I cry at the drop of a hat and would probably not be able to pull myself together after such a story. I took back True Sister's with out finishing it, (something I rarely ever do), because I still felt out of sorts after reading Tallgrass, and I just didn't want anything that depressing right now. I went into Hastings yesterday and they were having a clearance sale on their used books and several large racks were priced at 2 for $.99! I found 10 knitting/quilting books so that was fun. I thought that after looking through them if I didn't like them I can bring them to give away at my quilt guild.


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